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  1. Hello again, I have to ask a question for Bob, did you mean that all Meteorites don't contain magnetite when you said they don't contain mineral Iron. If so it seems to contradict what I have read on other sites, for example here http://meteorites.wustl.edu/id/quartz.htm. also on the site where I found the image below which I must say looks very close to what I am seeing under my handheld microscope. Before I had seen any Photos of CK Chondrites I had come to the conclusion that if it is a Stony Meteorite then it could possibly be one of those based on the size and distribution of what I am
  2. Cheers for that Bob. Strangely when I do the streak test with a ceramic tile is doesn’t leave a steak. That’s why I thought to use one of the white file cards to gather enough material on it. i can’t get my head around how it has a crust, left in parts but obviously surrounded it once, that seems to have the same consistency as the rock underneath? I have used the hydrogen peroxide on it for a couple of hours now and it has had an effect I didn’t expect. The small flakes that were just visible with naked eye have vanished, using the loop too. However the tiny spherical / droplet sha
  3. Thanks for the response Bob. I happen to have some hydrogen peroxide at home somewhere so I will give that a try when I get back. It certainly makes sense. Something I hadn’t mentioned before because I thought it maybe wishful thinking, is that you can see lines in bands running around the outside, however as others have now pointed it out to me I now am sure I am not delusional. If it came in to the atmosphere without tumbling the objects natural aerodynamics would match the orientation of the lines. They are also very hard too photo and is more obvious too the eye and finger tips. Once
  4. Thank you for the responses. Au Seeker, you must have telepathically sent that to me because that was exactly what I was doing. What a difficult task it is photographing them as getting the lighting right, it's very overcast here at the moment.
  5. Hello there, I recently found, whilst walking the dog, a weathered rock that just didn’t fit right in the countryside. In the county of Cambridgeshire, UK there are no ingeous rocks, only peat, clay and sand & gravel underneath. It had been hit many times by the plough and recently lots too but was obviously very hard and had suffered very little from it. I realised a farmer must have thrown it out of the field and it hadn’t landed where I had found it. It seemed to have once had a crust that had been over it, some still remains but light in colour and there was obvious small rust spots he
  6. Hi there, came on board as I need some help. Found a rock that I’m sure is not a rock. It’s a big one and I’m not sure who to turn too. i shall post it in the new finds. Pleased to find the community and I send best wishes to all the members Simon
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