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  1. I really am going to have to remind myself to drag random, out of place rocks all over hell and creation. They'll be in the shape of kolaches, marking trona seams around Wyoming and Utah. I'll photograph them when/if I do it, for later proof that I was in fact the ancient Czech explorer that erected them....
  2. Nodules... and That's the stuff. Are you gonna start knapping some points?
  3. I'm with d_day. Conglomerate ...although the bigger rough chunks in it did make think breccia at first glance. The second pic shows what looks to my eye like rounded, water-worn (mostly sedimentary)cobble mixed together with the (sedimentary)chunky rough stuff.... The definitions are so similar.... ""Breccia and conglomerate are very similar rocks. They are both clastic sedimentary rocks composed of particles larger than two millimeters in diameter. The difference is in the shape of the large particles. In breccia the large particles are angular in shape, but in conglomerate the particles are rounded."" You wanna call it both?? Earlier this year, I walked a trail around the edge of a lake where a huge wall of nearly identical conglomerate had been carved out to make the trail. While looking at it up close, hematite and magnetite "black sands" are what I kinda assumed were forming the iron cement.
  4. I usually don't bother with anything less than ramming speed. Full send is all too common, as well. Not having an anchor, sand is only an option if other vehicles are involved in the trip. Safety third! I have that same thing goin on with option 2, the 67 Bronco that sits in the garage, needing a motor. Option 1 is full coverage insurance and a 7yr note. Kinda like a rental you have to maintain a bit. Keep it running and trustworthy for 150k+, get a couple "free" years out of it, then do it again with the next one. 99% of my dithering is done on my own, VERY FOOLISHLY. Rarely, does anyone have any idea as to my whereabouts. Some amount of uncommon sense, mechanical ability, abstract thinking, and will to survive have brought me this far. Other than what I do to it, my vehicle has to be the very last of my worries. A 4000 mile round trip is the standard for my "vacations", so security, comfort, and driveability are all huge issues. The Bronco on 35s, with lockers, a manual 4spd, no top, no doors, no AC, no heat, and 50 year old seats doesn't really meet any of those criteria....man, is she a fun fling, though, when she aint broke.
  5. Current truck: Chevrolet Sonic LT, 1.4L Turbo, Wrong wheel drive, 6 speed auto 4"+ lift kit, 100% GM stock components 215/75R16(28x8)General AT2's Warn Axon 55S, rear mounted On board air w/air horns Accessory lighting and a front receiver for the winch are in the works. Still considering a set of 10" travel, dual rate coilovers on the back and a pre-runnerish style bumper up front. With next to no concern for aesthetics or structural integrity, she can be driven just about anywhere. Soft sand is a no go. I do carry extra recovery gear. I also carry plenty of spare parts, from a set of axles to a pile of zipties, and carry plenty of tools to make sure I can destroy what ever breaks, for good. I know posting a pic of such an amazing ride, the modern marvel of over-engineering that is, opens me up to vehicle theft, big time. I'll risk it this one time, cause I'm pretty sure you're all decent folk.
  6. Yep Bedrock, same stuff, Utah Sunstone/yellow labradorite. No or very little schiller. Those are all float, picked up in about 6 hours. Don't cry over the red beryl loss... It was about .5mm thick and 2.5mm round. It looked like a tiny stop sign, but was mostly replaced, half grey/half red. After finding that one tiny piece though, I know where to look again!
  7. I would absolutely have that cut in half at a rock shop that deals with septarians on a fairly regular basis. I know just the place if you wanna take a short drive over to southwest UT! That thing is screaming septarian nodule at me. Even if it is just a concretion, I would HAVE to know what it looked like inside! Cut it in half lengthwise and have the bottom cut flat. If it's not a septarian nodule, the two pieces would make some darn good looking bookends! If it is a septarian, I'll be there to pick it up in a few hours!
  8. Colorless and sherry topaz from Topaz Mtn. Worth every flat tire to get out there. Take multiple cans of fix-a-flat and a compressor. You will need them. We did find one tiny, partially replaced piece of red beryl after 2 days of busting rocks. Never got a pic of it, and it's in my partners garden now! Had a day to myself and decided to spend it on Sunstone Knoll. Glad i did. I'll end up there again next year, mainly because I have some strange urge to use the sunstones for fishbowl gravel. Yes that is an entire Ziploc snackbag full of sunstones.... I do tend to get kinda greedy.
  9. Reef, Being a fellow reef keeper, I can tell you with near certainty, that's tufa rock. Tufa is formed by chemical deposition under the seabed, not from stony coral growth above it. All manner of rock and debris can be inside it. Aaaannnnd(sorry BillP).... Most corals grow on coralline algae encrusted coral skeletons....aka reef. The coralline algae is typically very dark purple, but can be any color of the rainbow. Its a calcareous algae, what actually builds and cements reefs together. When it dies it leaves a pure white to bone grey skeleton behind, much the same as stony(reef building) corals. Respectfully, DaveZ
  10. Y'all can blame Mr. Southern and his YouTube channel for my presence. I've had the fever for more than 20 years, in one form or another. It started with golden trout in Wyoming...and still persists. Prospecting and rockhounding have taken hold of most of my thoughts, vacation, and research time, as of late. Usually, gemstones and pretty rocks are my fancy. Since the day I learned how to pan with some store-bought paydirt, gold has become a gnawing addiction. Earlier this year, I caught my first wild gold. 7 microdots panned out of pocket sand, while cleaning topaz crystals. Knowing that gold is kinda rare in Utah, I promptly released them all back into the desert, to fight another day. I'll try for em again in a few years with the detector, once they've put some weight on.
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