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  1. My bad, it is the edge of the turtle shell, not a foot
  2. Hello, I want to say You have a Lovely Turtle fossil with what probably is not paint but mineral like someone suggested. I have just realized this early morning the copper ore "rock" (I found 35 years ago) and it is a turtle foot fossil. it is pretty with blues and greens. I found it in a barrel of like copper ore rocks, on top of a mountain over looking the Kotsina River. Darn it, the exBF, still in Alaska has the bulk of them. I realized what it was as I was studying my turtle fossils I find here and noticed the same claw shapes in the tiny "rocks" fossils. They look like boring rocks unless you look closer. the brown rock is also a turtle foot fossil. LOL found it at the grocery store here in the decorative rock bed. Its loaded with roundish pretty smooth egg fossils but there are all kinds of fossils here naturally in the low country of coastal GA. LOL the only rocks here are fossils. I have a lot more cute fossilised baby turtle feet. oh boy variety galore lol
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