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  1. Am in Benson, original plan was to hit the outing on our way home. Given the current situation, will be staying in Benson for foreseeable future. Not taking my 86 yr old dad back to the bay area till this burns out. He can stay here and play music with his friends. Am leaning towards driving over for a day of hunting though. Haven't gotten out down here near as much as I'd hoped. It's a 4 hr run... that's a fur piece for a day trip. So we'll see. Anyone down in this corner of the state looking for a hunting buddy give me a shout.
  2. Sunday morning in the downtown park yielded some clad, a couple tokens, and a dollar Madison coin. An interesting morning.
  3. It is a sweet machine. Still suprised at how much stuff people loose. I'll keep an eye out for your pics!
  4. Went down to the ballpark this afternoon. Not too bad. Tried to dig more low sounding targets. Got my first wheat cents, a 53 and a 54. Leads me to believe there is a good possibility of silver here. So far I've made 1 pass up the left field fence, starting at the outfield line. And across the back fence to center. Not a bad 2 hrs.
  5. So after almost a 20 year hiatus, a new equinox found it's way to my home. Tomorrow will be the first month down, and has been a good learning experience. The biggest thing I've learned is I need to dig more trash signals to find the good stuff. The areas I have available to hunt get mowed with big 3 blade mowers and they turn aluminum cans into bits and pieces, so after digging a few I started cherry picking the high tones. This thing sure does like dimes. Nothing old as of yet, but also focused on learning the machine at this point. Park 2 GB auto Multi freq 50 tone
  6. Thanks! Looking forward to getting out of crazy land for a while. Set to roll south Wednesday morning.
  7. Hi all, Have posted a couple times, but not here in new members, so... Returning to the hobby after almost 20 years. Will be heading towards Benson Az first week of February (next week) for February and March. Am a gpaa member and will be looking at the greaterville area while there. Have also been in contact with the local chapter. Really not on much of a schedule while there, this trip is about my father (86) spending time with his friends, so I'm pretty open to wander about. Swinging an Equinox 800, anyone in the area that's interested would be welcome to join in.
  8. Hi all, Is there something I'm missing? Is the only difference between Gold 1 & 2 the recovery speed? My main question, the iron bias settings. It's my understanding that the higher the setting, the more likely to mask small non ferrous signals. So, P2 (my normal for here) F1 & 2 are all default of 0, while both gold 1 & 2 the default is 6. Something anyone running a Nox adjusts off default? Messing with it in air test @ 0 it seems wicked sensitive. (I know... air test) but, I miss smaller targets when switching from park 2 (Fe 0) to 1 (FE 6) when I've tested in
  9. I'll be in Benson for a month or so starting early February. Am a GPAA member. If your interested in checking out some of the claims with me in the Greaterville area, youd be welcome, that was my plan while there. Am Equinox equipped as well. Am new, but built up about 30 hrs on the nox locally just figuring it out. Pretty comfortable with it all, except maybe the iron bias. If interested, shoot me an email. Curlymaplebandit@gmail.com
  10. This is an old thread that I figured could use a bump. This 1860 colt replica was built from pieces and started as a .44 cap and ball. Now a 45 long colt, with stabilized maple burl grips. Silver crosses on both sides. These were my grandfathers. He was a chaplain in ww2. Silver turtle front sight, but it's not needed, she's a real pointer out to about 10 to 15 yards. This 1858 Remington replica is the current project. A target model, she's also converted to 45 long colt, but has yet to be gated for rear loading. The "remmys" don't fit my hand like the colt, thus the
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