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  1. Thanks Allen.....Tried a new place in New River AZ without any luck...
  2. This is an old thread, but to me the GPX 4500 is new thanks to Rob ..... Took it out today for the first time and found a little small .30g nugget under some tree roots in an old wash with ancient river beds and coming fron an SD 2200D and a GP3500 I can say today I dug holes I never had dug in the past, mostly lead, but I swear I never dug (2 feet) deep holes before to find lead .......
  3. Nice video, watched it from beginning to end...... When they suck I cut them off in the first 30 seconds..... Good hunting ....
  4. Looks nice, probably looks better after a good cleaning ..... That's what I did with my old lady ........
  5. Real nice man ...... Gold nugget sticker on the side and call it "The Dusty Nugget" ......
  6. A Gold Monster, an Equinox 800, and a XP ORX can find nuggets...... The XP with 80 Mhz can do very well ..... but most detectors in the right hands will find gold .....
  7. The Gold Monster coil can get wet, but the machine is not water proof...... Equinox 800 is better suited to be around water, specially water falls .....
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