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  1. You mean these with molten look? we were so excited about them we thought they're meteorites 🤦‍♂️ what about this one 👇 is it valuable?
  2. It okay, I see. And Probably i'm the first Mauritanian you've ever met
  3. I live in Mauritania, northwestern Africa.
  4. in my country anything you find in the desert is yours as long as you're a citizen except for some areas
  5. Yes, in the middle of the desert literally. to be specific, near west Sahara in the Mauritanian border but later on my friends came to Nouadhibou city which is like an island where we took some of these pictures
  6. oh that's frustrating :( we thought we'll make some decent money out of these cuz in the same area some ppl found space rocks
  7. Hi, Hope you all having a great day My friends were in the middle of the desert and they found these which type of rocks they are? can we sell them, worth any money?
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