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  1. Well 💩, I hate to say it, but I’m going to stay home in light of all the news and the rapidly changing circumstances. Disappointed to miss out. Have a great time and find that gold!
  2. I'm in. This will be my first trip to the Quartzite area. Who else is going? Chime in. NuggetShooter Bill, are there coordinates on the camping spot? I assume RV access isn't a problem.
  3. Bill, Being a “new guy,” I didn’t know you’d also lost your wife. I lost my wife Joanna in 2015. My condolences to you, my friend.
  4. Let’s hope it is! But I still laughed. Hope you did too.
  5. Got a good laugh out of this. Hope you do too!
  6. Ha! I’m pretty deadly on the lead too. I’ll try to leave a few for you. 😂
  7. There’s been a copy on eBay lately. Pretty expensive tho from what I recall.
  8. I’m new to the game. Been detecting since January. Looking forward to making new friends and learning and sharing what I can. See you all in a few weeks. -Bill McCoy
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