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  1. Bill, Being a “new guy,” I didn’t know you’d also lost your wife. I lost my wife Joanna in 2015. My condolences to you, my friend.
  2. Let’s hope it is! But I still laughed. Hope you did too.
  3. Got a good laugh out of this. Hope you do too!
  4. Ha! I’m pretty deadly on the lead too. I’ll try to leave a few for you. 😂
  5. There’s been a copy on eBay lately. Pretty expensive tho from what I recall.
  6. I’m new to the game. Been detecting since January. Looking forward to making new friends and learning and sharing what I can. See you all in a few weeks. -Bill McCoy
  7. I'm planning on attending. I'll be solo and clicked the vote above. I'll bring a vegetable side.
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