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  1. Don't like to hear that "Doc says no". mine surgeon at the Mayo gives me a lecture after the last surgery- no sky diving, no racing, no mt climbing.. the wife had to tell him about the last boating venture at home in AK--- After her telling him about my rafting and hauling a 100 # motor with me... I told him that I figure him like one of my mech's- I race it, I break it, I bring it to him to fix it.... His reply-- he doesn't give warranty on surgeries or parts....I was just over in quarts--- tried something- OMUI oil----between that at 2000 mil CDC swab-- I 'm 19 again......Well at least fo
  2. Its a week later-- The Super Hunt was a blast... Broke even on the coins- found only one token- and won a silver dollar on the silver raffle and 3 numbers off on the 50-50--Lucky women won $392.. The best thing about going to the Quartzsite Hunt is seeing old friends, the sad part is when you ask, "where is ?- . Its not fun getting old and loosing friends..Well they had 261 hunters and lots of stuff to buy and some neat hand made items.... Lots of gold for sale some from AZ and AK, Some real nice copper nuggets from the Michigan and the UP. The Arizona Treasure Seekers had a pretty good co
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