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  1. It is my understanding that ranchers can lease land for grazing. This keeps food on my plate so its a good thing ;) But can they restrict you from claims? If so how? Thanks for the answers and your time folks. I know I am dropping questions like a mad man.
  2. No I mean if its a open claim. Meaning nobody has renewed or filed a claim on the area. But is BLM or state land.
  3. Ok follow on question. What are the restrictions on prospecting? Can I just go to a open claim and run a few pans?
  4. I have found a few spots that look great. But my question is I have found the "grid" I assume its 600 acres? How can I tell where 3, 20 acre placer claims are on it? Turns out the three on that grid are a local "gold club" I dont want to wonder across someones claim looking for a "spot" Is a more detailed map online? Do I use coords? TY for the pointers.
  5. I was poking around the net and found your forum to be great. Lots of knowledge here. I will most likely overwhelm with questions. I am a disabled retired Army vet of 24 years. I am now doing the snowbird thing from Wi to Three points AZ .
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