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  1. Still looking to trade this very nice rock collection for a meteorite
  2. I'm downsizing ahead of a move and would like to trade my rock collection for one nice meteorite specimine. The collection is a mix of rock/minerals I've accumulated over the years and numbered specimines from other rock collections. I can send additional close-up pictures, but I'm by no means an expert in rock/mineral identification. I'd like to trade for one nice sized complete iron or chondrite, or a pallasite slice.
  3. Bill, Brevard and Indian River counties used to be my old stomping grounds, and I did my fair share of beach combing but never found gold. Now the area looks too much like the rest of South Florida for my tastes. Heading back into central GA when the weather cools off to continue searching for tektites. Maybe we could coordinate a hunt and I might be able to pry my son away from the computer long enough to join us.
  4. You and me both. I've been on the hunt for many years and, when we finally had the chance to do some dry lake hunting in NV, my wife ended up finding a meteorite. I am making arrangements with the property owner to do more searching in the area I found this rock and hope to post more pictures soon.
  5. Yes, Bob I did misunderstand you. I filed the rock some more to get a clean face to do a streak test but have been unable to get a streak on the unglazed bottom of a coffee cup, except when it contacts the unfiled rock surface and I get a light grey streak. Definitely more metal flakes though. I appreciate all the advice and will call it a wedge until I can find more pieces.
  6. Bedrock Bob, By 'observed fall' I mean that there were dozens of reports to the NMS website and a fall trajectory plotted. The area is mostly private property and heavily wooded. To my knowledge there have been no rocks recovered from it and the classification (iron or chondrite) has yet to be determined. I agree that, if this were a meteorite, it shows more characteristics of a stoney rather than an iron. I've recovered tons of meteor-wrongs but this is the first that ever tested positive for nickel.
  7. Thank you for your insight, gentlemen. Do you even think it's worth sending off for testing?
  8. Found this piece my fourth time out hunting an observed fall site in N Florida. It attracts strongly to a magnet, is heavy for its size (22.7 g), shows metal flakes/ splotches in the window that I diamond-filed, and tests positive for nickel. The streak test is inconclusive due to the presence of surface oxidation. Wanted the forum's opinion about it before getting too excited. Warren
  9. Spent many months following conversations on this site and have decided to finally join in. I've hunted meteorites in FL and NV, and tektites in GA. Warren
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