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  1. I know it is late but did the pending sale go through? If not, I will take them. Thank you, Jay
  2. That puppy has been traveling down hill for a while. Glad you finally caught it! :o)
  3. is it possible to recover anything like this dry panning? Or is it too far and few between? tnx
  4. Is this definitely a meteor? I found one just like it near Williamsport, PA, in early 2019. I could not get anyone to identify it so I whacked it with a hammer and broke off a piece. It looked to have some very tiny black crystal formations inside.
  5. ReedKidd


    is that free gold in there?
  6. Hello, just joined the forum, 9/17/2019. I live in Pennsylvania, Southeast region, slightly West of Philadelphia. I am very new to prospecting and have stuck my pan in a couple local creeks but have not found color yet. I would really like to get down South or out West to actual gold country. Life and scheduling do not permit that currently so, I am concentrating on South central Pennsylvania, York and Lancaster counties, where colors have been reported. I like the thrill of exploration and the idea that I could possibly find something that was brought to this planet by meteor/ast
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