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  1. I I didn't realize this was a closed minded forum. These meteorites happened to be a part of a comet, we were passing through the tail at the time. The comet SPLIT, and all throught the U.S, not just Chicago and Michigan, fires broke out with no smoke nearly simultaneously. Comets have methane, the meteorites crashing down could have contained the gas which burned the ground beneath it Edit: I am not saying my stone is meteorite, I know it isn't, I have no crust. I am no talking about the possibility of multiple meteorites around sanilac county after the discovery of a 26 kilo meteorite that may have started the fires in Michigan
  2. Yes! Magnetic material loses it's magnetism after being heated up, and it doesn't even take that much heat. There are. There is overwhelming evidence of it being meteors in 1871. In fact there are countless journal entries found in old surviving farm houses that describe seeing great balls fall from the sky and ground shaking explosions just moments before the fires. I'll search through the journals in this house and ask around, my house survived the great fire it's been here since the French settlers of 1700s
  3. Even though fires broke out in Chicago at the same time, ok, guess it was that cow that knocked a lamp over in a barn. Look at that link, check that ballistics pattern of fires that started, at the exact same time. Edit: just wanted to add, not even ten years after these fires, an even greater fire broke out. This fire nearly destroyed the entire thumb, this fire however was caused by dry seasons and a drought. These two fires were not similar, in 1871 there was no smoke reported before seeing the fires, in 1881 there was. I don't think 1871's fire was caused by a dry spell and heat like they say, it would have been more devastating
  4. I also believe the fires of 1871 were started by meteorite. I have done a little research into it and they found a 26 kilo meteorite in Port sanilac not too long ago that is believed to be one that started the burn. I live in sanilac county just 3 miles from lake Huron Link to an interesting read /www.angelfire.com/mi2/gfmeteor/evidence.htm
  5. Quick update on this. I was messing with my polished piece today and was checking it with a strong magnet again. Strangely it is no longer magnetic, and neither are the smaller chunks that I have. Is this normal for magnetite?
  6. I carve and polish stones as a hobby and I have a few curious stones that I would like to try and identify. I was messing with one today that was fairly heavy for it's size. I threw it against some boulders to try and fracture it. Wouldn't work after 10 throws, tried a sledge hammer and that took 12 swing s and this is all I could manage to bust. It seems to have cracked off because of corrosion? There is rust in areas on the stone, but it doesn't seem to be magnetic. Any idea as to what this could be. I did streak test, very faint blue, almost shiny. It can scratch quarts and stainless steel.
  7. Thank you to those that have responded. I am very new to identification methods on stones, and appreciate all the info. There are a few curios stones on the property and I'm sure I'll be posting again soon.
  8. I'll take some pictures of the streak tomorrow, I'm not too sure what you mean by metallic streak. There are pieces inside it that look copper in color. I hit a couple spots with a grinder before I polished a piece, and they would turn silver. These fragments I have are very hard and sharp, attract magnets but not any other metal
  9. It leaves a faint grey mark on porcelain (the only thing I had to scratch on right now is the back of my toilet tank lid)
  10. Ahh man I was hoping with that with the chondrules, it was a good chance at being one. Every section on this thing is magnetic too. There are a lot of stress or shock fractures all over the surface too.
  11. I live in the thumb of Michigan on an old farm with over 80 acres of fields that get plowed yearly. Over the years on this property relatives would collect decent sized stones for rock gardens. One of the stones happened to stick out to me as it was rusting. I rock polish and stone carve so I wanted to take a look at it. I cracked the stone, I know I shouldn't have, and began working on a piece. My Dremel couldn't touch it and when I took an angle grinder to it, it began to melt and streak like steel. I stopped carving and decided to polish it instead, I will include the photos of the polished piece, and the raw form. I also tested it with a magnet, well a fridge magnet, and it stuck. I appreciate you taking the time to read through this and I hope this isn't a waste of your time. If you need better photos let me know please
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