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  1. Also I've got this one, it has silver flakes throughout the whole stone, this is just a piece I broke off. It almost seems like a pudding stone, but the ones I find here are white and have a lot of jasper and quartz. 5x lens was used for pics
  2. Streak picture, the two on the left are from the iron like interior, on the right is outside layer
  3. It is malleable, it dented into the stone. Any suggestions on how to easily crush it? It is pretty dense iron
  4. New stone, and of course it's an iron mineral. I don't know why my fields have so many iron mineral stones, but they are neat. This one has what seems like quartz crystals on the outer shell and filling fissures. Along with that there is heavy iron, oxidization, pieces of gold flakes and silver flakes every so often. Haven't done streak test yet, got a streak plate coming in tomorrow. Thought I would share this on the off chance someone could ID it, but mainly just to share my first gold flake spotting. I used a 5x lens for pics, first two pics I tried to center the flake with as little reflection possible.
  5. Here is a couple pics of one of the holes, there are three of them on the outside. This is the biggest one, about the width of a pencil, there are crystals growing in it. The other holes seem barren.
  6. Thanks for the clear up, I should have known better. I'll be more patient now haha
  7. Do I need better pictures? Or are my posts becoming too frequent?
  8. Got another one, this one was about 80 pounds until I broke it. I noticed a small fracture going through it so I took a tiny hammer and tapped along the line. The stone broke in half. These are the pictures of two pieces, another portion broke apart as well along another fracture. Any idea as to what it is? It is slightly magnetic and fairly hard, I can't break a 1"-1/8" in half with my hands without it hurting.
  9. The hole was more rectangular than circular, maybe it was in the process of closing up from a circle. I'm going to soak it in white vinegar and clean it up and see what is revealed. Yes these fields are very rich, with the combination of all the calcium and two great fires it is natural fertilizer all around
  10. Maybe natural water erosion then, I live in an area that was under water at one point. Thank you
  11. Out in my field today I found this curious looking stone glinting at me. I thought it was just a chunk of quartz until I cleaned it up. It has been hit by a plow chisel it looks like, and has exposed a part of the interior. This is more glossy that the quartz I have run into, it is very smooth, and the chipped sections have a glass like reflective surface. Is this something other than quartz?
  12. Streak test was colorless, I wouldn't have posted here if I didn't do the simple tests. This is broken, not cut with my diamond blade, so yeah it looks dull. Not a meteorite though, thanks again
  13. Flash pics so you can see the unpolished metal flakes
  14. This one hast been windowed, but cracked open. I found this in the same field different area. I thought it was just a pudding stone, until I cracked it open. Pudding stones I get in the thumb are usually always white inside, this one was black when I started hitting it. It also spit a few sparks every few swings. The interior is magnetic and magnetism varies between the different shapes. It has a shell that's about as thin as an eggshell
  15. Looking through my fields today I came across this odd looking stone. It has been cleaned with a small brush and water, it had green growing on certain areas. It has one exposed opening, and I filed a window into it. It revealed small metal flakes, in first pic. I took a small magnet on a string and pulled it around the window, and the magnet would only react to the flakes, and didn't seen to stick anywhere else. Could this be one of those fabled meteorites?
  16. This is glass slag, a lot of times if a house burns down you can find melted masses in the rubble or where one used to be. They are neat because they usually take in grass and other foilage before cooling.
  17. I tried taking pictures of them, but I couldn't get anything to focus, the holes are to small for me to take a good pic. However I do have another find, this was in on of my fields, is part of this agate? It seems to be a cluster of shells, and alot of the shells are like quartz. One piece on the back has a hole that stands out, it has a partial shell encrusting it.
  18. Just cut it open, and it's not hollow inside like I thought it was. It was hard to cut through this and there were areas, I'm assuming the area with the red band, that stopped progress as soon as it hit it. It almost seems like rust, but it's not at all magnetic. It stunk a little when I was cutting it, a little fainter than sewage, it didn't upset my senses but I noticed it. Run off from water was brown.
  19. Another one of my rock garden finds, what do you think this is? It has shell fossils throughout it. Maybe limestone, but I cracked a corner off and it was filled with cavities with crystals growing inside, some are rusty others are white.
  20. Hate to tell you this man, but that looks likes big slab of quick ready cement that was dug up from a footing for a deck.
  21. The one on the right looks similar to a recent one I cut, but I don't know what mine is either. Is it translucent when it gets wet? Notice any spots that seem to be an odd color?
  22. I have another stone I found today, this one perplexes me as well. I don't want to become an irritating poster, and don't know which forum to post it to. It weighs around 150 pounds and seems to be made of a black iron, it has obvious metallic nodules, and their color is more like steel compared to the rest. It also has a thin brown crust. I'll either start a new thread for it or just post it here. I'm getting excited again
  23. Good point, I didn't think about looking up the hardness. I meant it was easier than the black one, still ten minutes per cut, black one takes about 15. On the green dots I noticed that when I rubbed it with mineral oil it would leave color on my paper towel.
  24. What do you mean? I thought agates had sub classes for different patterns. I'm going to try and slice it length wise today if the weather clears up, i'm curious to see if the spheres have a depth to them or at least a better pattern.
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