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  1. This is aimed specifically at you Bob F this forum, everyone on here that's below that petty content score line seems fine. It's when I see posts from people like you and others like morlock and d day crapping on a person reaching out for help. I post on here because I like sharing my finds. I already did the dang streak test, did you read? Also did a specific gravity test, multiple samples, 2.86. not hematite or magnetite. I'm not posting here anymore, it's filled with jackasses that seem to think their opinion is the best you will get, then when you argue with evidence that proves otherwise, you get a "well it's whatever you want it to be buddy!" Your posts are borderline masochistic, you belittle the people in them while at the same time call them friend, like you are trying to help. Nobody here is a professional, stop acting like it.
  2. Well when I searched images of titanium ore, I found this https://m.alibaba.com/product/108573312/Titanium-Ore-From-Mexico.html I did not realize at the time this was Alibaba, until I looked for it again just now. I see now looking at other images that titanium is more of a shiny metal in ore. I still don't know what it is
  3. Found an iron ore chunk the other day, it's different from other iron ore chunks that I have found. The metal on the interior is in shades of blue mixed with the iron around it. It streaks red-brown and is magnetic. It seems to have higher magnetism the more blue areas it has.
  4. Thank you, for a second I thought I was going color blind. This stone is cleaned, I scrubbed the dirt off with tooth brush and vinegar. Then cleaned it with soap and warm water right after. The shell is melted at a majority of half the stone, very smooth with a few divots. The shell is barely as thick as my fingernail. The other side has the shell still, but it's too damaged by years of being in a field that is plowed annually. I originally thought the black was magnetite as well, but the streak test of a sample leaves nothing behind.
  5. Just curious, but where do you see pink or green in this stone? This stone is brown and black.
  6. I'm going to post this boulder on this sub forum for now until I know for sure what it is. This was pulled out of my field years ago by my grandparents. It sat in a rock garden for years until this summer when I remade it. This was originally covered with mud from sitting so long, it was nearly buried until I dug it out. I cleaned it up after realizing it has a melted crust. This stone has its own pole when I take a compass to it. It leaves no streak with a sample I took off. Weighs about 130 pounds. Specific gravity of shell/crust sample is 2.77-3, adjusted for slight errors. The shell is very smooth in parts, and is fragile. Any idea on what this mass is?
  7. That seems like a match, thanks man!
  8. This stone is translucent, I can see my fingers on the other side of my slice, not just the shadow but skin color as well. You looked at the close up photos right? I shined a light under it. I'm leaning towards agate as well, but I thought agates have bands.
  9. This doesn't seem like granite to me, the round spots aren't separate pieces they are a coloration or maybe some sort of mineral stain? Here is a slice with a 60x close up from my jewlers loupe.
  10. Slightly, but I still kind of wanted real help with figuring it out.
  11. I am reposting this stone I found in the field a while ago that is still yet to be identified. Green round spots are all over the interior, with red round spots near the surface. No streak, guessing it's a type of quartz. When rubbed with mineral oil, the green spots closest to the surface leak? They seem to stain the paper towel green. Will update with pictures of a slice with light under it.
  12. Because they are both ID sections, why start arguments on others threads?
  13. It does not flake or chip off when I use a thumb tack, sorry for the bad close up of the metal flake, my led on the Jewelers loupe makes a bright glare on pictures.
  14. Haha yeah I can't go 20ft into one of the fields without finding some piece of fossilized stone. Michigan is full of fossils. In the recent past, a couple years ago I think, they found mammoth fossils in a field near where I live
  15. Thought I would share this cool looking chunk. When it is wet, the areas with quartz are very transparent, and I can see bits of opal reflecting in the interior. Any idea on what it used to be? To me it looks like a small group of coral, or maybe a larger shell.
  16. Another water smoothed quartz piece, similar to the brown one, found around the same area too. This one seems to be tinted blue with red on a portion of it, maybe jasper? When looking closer at it, I can see dark blue flakes throughout the entire piece. What are those? Also there are portion on the edge that look burned, but could be bits of oxidized iron, my detector didn't pick anything up on it. Thought I would share, it seems unique
  17. I was walking one of my fields today with a cheap metal detector I picked up. I found these two stones, placed about 50 yards from one another. I chipped a piece off one, and there was a pretty good sized silver flake in it. Could this be a meteorite? I haven't touched the flat one yet, it does have a crack through a portion of it, last two pics
  18. Got my Jewelers loupe, here are a couple pics of a 60x view of the flakes. I hope you can see them, it's hard to take a picture at the same time. Last pic is of a 30x view
  19. Here is the whole stone. It had a couple silver flakes sticking out, I took a pair of tweezers and was able to pry them around without breaking. Over got a good 50-60x Jewelers loupe coming tomorrow and will post better pics.
  20. Thank you. When I look at the second stone with my eye, it is black with navy blue pieces. In the photo, I agree it seems purple. I can not get this one to streak, I'm sorry. Here is a pic without lens
  21. I'm sorry, the second stone I posted here is not of the same stone. The silver is not in the first stone that one has the gold flake, which is the one I thought you meant was iron ore. The second stone is not magnetic, only the silver specs are. The "loupe" I use is just a small 5x magnifying lens directly in front of my phone camera.
  22. I didn't think about the silver oxidization, what do you supposed that silver stuff is? I have scraped at them, and they don't break off
  23. That pipe and cap seems like a great idea, like a piston pulverizer right? I'll look into getting a metal mortar and pestle. More than likely the iron ore will only have a couple flakes like your experience, however this other stone with the silver has a ton. Does silver work the same to where I can pulverize it and pan it, or is the silver too brittle? That is if it is silver, it seems magnetic on the flakes
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