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  1. Only when they stick out to me in my fields haha. I want to find out what this is made of first, these green translucent crystals only appear with light behind it, otherwise that same area is black. I just started rock slicing, I used to just carve into them. Any suggestions on what what to do with them?
  2. Baffled again by this black piece. I was looking at the new cut portion this morning and was curious to see if it did anything with an LED light behind it. The following pictures are of the most thin portion, it is the only part that did this. Without the LED, it is black, with it there are transparent crystals? Also went ahead and used a strong magnet tied to string and it reacts only to certain areas within the stone, and only in the slightest way.
  3. Oops almost forgot new slab piece, nice clean cut, more detail. I also used small wire brush on surface, not polished.
  4. Nice one, I haven't heard of that one. Those minerals almost look like stars in space when polished, I like it. Got my new blade in, segmented, MUCH better at cutting this. The following pictures are of me cutting a new slab of this and the residue it was creating. This stuff would come out as blue clay like material it was also sticky. I use only water for cooling the blade while cutting. Also I scrubbed the surface of the new cut with a steel wire brush, I didn't know if that would highten or dull the details. I wet a portion of the stone for comparison
  5. Thanks man, that's my next plan. I will keep everything updated as usual. I guess I forgot to mention, this flexed my blade and had a terrible time going through the material. I probably wasted half the life on it.
  6. Well seeing that I have some silverish metallic metal after a diamond blade went through it, it probably isn't basalt, I have basalt. Not trying to be rude, but I'm fairly sure basalt leaves a completely different streak than what this stone does. Also this reacts with a compass, that doesn't say much, but it rules out basalt
  7. Another update, I'm sorry. The black stone, I looked at the polished piece again after the streak test. I don't know if you can see them in this picture, but under a 5x magnifying glass there are silver like specks scattered throughout it. Please help me identify it before I get my hopes up again haha
  8. Did the streak test, I haven't had much time in streaking so I don't know if this is normal. After a couple passes it leaves a light brown, after a few more passes the color stops. I scrubbed it in an area for about 7 seconds and no color still. Will a unglazed coffee cup work the same? It would be easier to show pictures in light
  9. My compass died if that says anything, put it next to it and it no longer goes north, it may have been a coincidence it is old, but I just used it the other day. I'll streak test tomorrow when my tools come in, will a toilet tank lid work? It's all I got haha
  10. Sure will, going to do it tomorrow when I get new belts and blade in from Amazon. It doesn't really shine too much, only a few spots here and there of a flake of what I am sure is quartz
  11. Full stone of the black one, first four pictures, and dry pictures of the white one. Also I polished the black piece I cut and a slice of the white one. I will post those after the raw stones
  12. It doesn't look like it in the light, but this is near solid black, polished gabbro seems to be a blue-grey mixed with black. But I'm the one asking so I can't really say. It almost looks like frost on a black flag pole when wet
  13. I looked up basalt for comparison, but none have the black bumpy stuff on the outside and the stone is less angular. I'll take a pic of the bigger portion tomorrow. It's a full stone that is covered with the black bumpy layer. The white one is interesting, I tried to reverse image search it, but of course that never helps. Perhaps once my polishing belts come in Thursday I can polish it for more detail. I noticed that any coloration in it is round, or almost becoming rounded. What could cause that? Is it normal?
  14. Now this one is HEAVY. My diamond blade struggled, took 20 minutes for this slice. Slice is wet except last pic because this is after first slice, I haven't polished it yet or cleaned it.
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