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  1. I'm convinced the 6000 MD has the best range for small and large gold based upon many of the videos out there. I will stay with my modified 7000 but I envy those with the new 6000.
  2. My GPZ 7000 would be very loud with that size target at that depth I use the 14 coil
  3. I have found mines with the walls covered with Chrysocolla ( Blue/ Pale Green) The Blue color matches your picture
  4. The rock has iron in it. No Gold There is a pile of it next to a deep hole I'm trying to determine what the green material is. (malachite)? Found 20 mi SE of Quartsite AZ Thanks Ross
  5. Hello all, I don't like to execute line 4 every time the GPZ 7000 needs to be ground balanced, is this necessary? I have not been doing it. Bad or good? Ground Balance with the Ferrite Find an open area free from targets and place the ferrite on the soil surface. Turn GPZ 7000 ON. Select Quick Start on the Detect page. Select Reset Audio and Detection Settings. Carry out Noise Cancel. When ground balancing, press and hold the Quick‑Trak trigger, then start to sweep the coil at normal detecting height in a figure 8 motion. IMPORTANT: Make sure that you pass the coil over the ferrite almost immediately when you start the ground balancing procedure. Continue to sweep the coil over as much ground as possible, for 10–12 seconds, while passing the coil over the ferrite every sweep, as shown. NOTE: Once the audio tone remains quiet and constant when the coil is swept over the ferrite, ground balance is complete. Release the Quick-Trak trigger button and start detecting. Thanks Ross
  6. Thanks I will stay away from the State land when prospecting Ross
  7. Is metal detecting on AZ state land permissible with a $ 15.00 recreational permit? Thanks Ross
  8. I filled it out I think humans need to figure out how to find gold to enable a machine to do it. Autonomous vehicle with a detector cold be a dangerous claim jumper
  9. He/She who has the most gold wins, nope. He/She who has the most fun wins, yep. That’s a beautiful collection of gold, are you having fun?
  10. Icom transceiver 50 watt max I have a 1/2 wave 2 meter antenna installed N6VOC
  11. XP 1000 RZR Polaris 2 seat with after market upper storage rack and spare tire. Spare drive belt on board with tools to replace it Ham radio installed Winch
  12. Look out for this guy in October. He is a claim jumping mad man
  13. Its better to be lucky and good Thanks Ross
  14. Hi all, I just joined the forum. I have been prospecting and finding tiny gold for a few years now. I like most aspects of prospecting. Metal Detecting, Dry washing ,crevicing, camping and enjoying the outdoors I'm in San Diego so it takes 3-5 hours to get to a prospecting location GPAA member Riosman
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