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  1. Thank you so much sir. I hadn’t been out here for years until recently. I underwent 15 surgeries due to my tour in Afghanistan. So to get any guidance is a blessing. I can’t thank you enough but I can say from one American to another It was an honor serving for the people such as your self that make this nation Great.
  2. Bedrock Bob hello the other forum was closed on Hillsboro I’m an undergraduate NMSU GEOLOGY STUDENT. Who has been out here since I was a kid simply collecting rocks. And now I share the passion with the kiddos.Now I’m older with a love for the land. I have not found any gold in the field or silver. I have been taking them out to the field for two years. I was hoping I could gain access and some guidance to the area. Here’s my email pablooch22@gmail.com. Any help would be a blessing.
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