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  1. Morlock now that’s food for thought! Will definitely use that suggestion. Budgie
  2. that’s a very mineralised and therefore extreamly old fossil! Great job with the prep work it looks amazing! I have no idea what it is sorry but like Bedrock Bob, said it shouldn’t be to difficult to ID for those who know because of its shape. in saying that I looked at whale and turtle vertebrae and couldn’t see anything similar so can’t wait to see what it is!
  3. Most of Oz is having its worst drought in living memory! So as a Farmer I say bring on the rain!! And you can drive all over this soul with a good 4wd pickup if it has water laying on it from half inch deep to 4 feet deep! it has very high clay content and holds you up but Just look out when the water is gone and the soil is just tacky because you won’t go more than 40meters before your wheels lock solid
  4. This got my attn this morning!! So couldn’t drive past it without checking it out! It’s a rock out on its own on the black soil plain. But sadly not what I wanted
  5. Thanks Fred And yes I have been in contact with Ray! He said they would need to know exact location but not straight away.
  6. Hi Fred thanks for sharing! Love the flow lines in first pic, what area of Oz did you find it? And no one has been in my area looking for Meteorites and probably have them for door stops and think it’s just a rock lol I do however know of a farmer friend of mine about 15miles away from me, who had a crater appear in one of his fields and dug down with a bulldozer looking for a Meteorite 40 years ago!! He said they found nothing but he still won’t show me the location lol.
  7. Hi Morlock, It was a surface find! I live on 12,000acers of black soil treeless floodplane with only a very small amount of rocks! and thought at first it was a Old Artifact, I knew nothing about Meteorites at the time but knew there was something different about it so kept it. And after looking at it for a couple months realised that it might be a Meteorite? I guarantee you at least 50 people would have walked over this rock and looked at it over the years probably more!! And still after me bringing it to their attn they look at you with total disbelief lol.. it’s almost as if you’re talking about sighting an Alian to them. I totally believe like you, that there is probably more of them and have thought about all sorts of ways to find them!! Even attaching large magnets to farm equipment has crossed my mind! But I also really need to purchase a metal detector to start looking. I’m lucky in that I’ve got access to over 100,000 acres of similar farming country with people who trust me, so who knows what could be out there.. I’ve had a fascination with meteorites after watching a show on tv when I was only about 15 and to hold one in my hand is a very addictive and satisfying feeling! And believe me the hunt isn’t over yet!! I’ve contacted a couple people that are very experienced with meteorites and they agree like us that it looks very much like the real deal but want to know exact location?? Mmm I’m not cool with that at this point. They also want a third of my rock to keep! in order to identify it? I’m not compatible with them hacking it up... as I love it’s shape and don’t want to loose it’s origanl appearance..
  8. Thanks for the help and the contact Fred, I will shoot Ray an email and let you know about the outcome Budgie
  9. Thanks for all your info Bill, I will try the local guys that Fred recommended and let y’all know how I go! cheers
  10. Thanks Mike, I had to compress the photos down from the originals, so quality is lacking a little! but I’ve been very happy with the green light response from everyone!
  11. Thanks for the thumbs up everyone! It’s very addictive to be out rock hunting
  12. Thanks Morlock!! I spend a lot of time in the same area as I live there and never stop looking lol.. must have picked up 20 rocks today alone, even look for them now in my dreams😂 wife thinks I’m going mad ha ha
  13. Thanks for your advice Billpeters, just wondering if it’s worth the cost to get Meteorites confirmed? I had seen somewhere that it costs about $400 USD to get them tested! Here in Australia! And im not sure if it’s even worth 400 to start with? And yes I definitely have the meteorite bug and havn’t stoped looking in that Area!
  14. It’s looking a little that way hardtimehermit, thanks for the thumbs up lol
  15. Hi to all! Newbie here from NSW Australia, I’m a farmer Who does a lot of land leveling of fields plus construction of irrigation channels and reservoirs, I’m always on the lookout for interesting and unusual things! And I found this rock about A year ago and from the research I’ve done on the web am now convinced it’s a Chondrite Meteorite? My friends all laugh at me when I mention it so I would love to have the last laugh one day so to speak! I showed this on a fossil forum that I’m in last week and a couple peeps did agree with me that it looks like a Meteorite so I just wanted to share with y’all and would appreciate everyone’s thoughts? It weighs 380grams is very hard! A normal grinder hardly marked it when I ground the window so had to polish it with a diamond sharpening stone
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