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  1. Hi Aaron That sounds great. I haven't been up there in a while but I'm going to be up there house hunting next week ! It sure is hard to find a place to detect as everything is private property and if it isn't, metal detecting isn't allowed. I'll let you now next time I'm up there for detectiing
  2. Greetings From another from Georgia ! I'm also named Bill and I've been watching Bill's videos and having a lot of fun doing it. I saw another post from Georgia here in the new members area and it turns out he is also a life time member in the same Georgia week end gold miners club ! My wife and I will move closer to the mountains soon and then I will be free to travel and prospect as I like. So I hope to be in the desert sooner than later !
  3. Greetings Aaron, I'm new and also a lifetime member of weekend gold miners and I do a little bit of metal detecting here and there. It's good to see a fellow club member !!!
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