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  1. I forgot the basic field test but this looks like a flying rock, no more, no less.
  2. Explain the lips all meeting each other, this was affected by air, that tells me it was not made on accident as slag.
  3. I just need the chemical data I guess this is going to be fun.
  4. This is the most radical and beautiful meteorite piece on the planet.
  5. Sure, it looks like slag, but doesn't it resemble a meteorite?
  6. I don't know what I am going to do, I have the rocks but I am having a hard time getting them confirmed. I thought I would post this one to see what other people think if I am crazy or not. This has wings on it that show it was a flying mass. I am just trying to verify my first meteorite with other people.
  7. Actually, meteorites cannot be proven with digital photo, I knew that already, ok it's not a meteorite. Happy?
  8. I can't believe you are talking it down still, what are you afraid of if it is a meteorite? If I prove one, others must be too because I see the pattern of air thats why I found it I am different than anybody else. I'm special.
  9. An isotopic study would yield a cosmocally constant ratio of isotopes, it's for the ones that are from venus. Supposed "slag". I learned to trust myself and there is a crackpot comment. It says in another post that keeping it a secret from everyone is a bonus. That's the way to go.
  10. I am waiting for oxygen isotope analysis, I believe it wouldnt get this far unless it were real. New meteorites are hardwork. I dont care if anybody thinks its real or not. What don't people get? I am backed by science and your brain is hallucinating that they aren't real because you have to be in shock at how rare. Lol
  11. I dont think it matters what you bet, getting a new meteorite confirmed is very hard work and it passes dozens of tests so I will take my chances. Some other guy found one and posted it and everyone agrees, when mine look more like a meteorite. It's bullcrap like this that make me angry and is part of why I went to the hospital. I am not insisting anything either. This is being very picky and careful. Like I said who cares if it's real? This was broken because my mom dropped it while I was in the hospital. They don't make road with giant clasts either so like I said I will take my chances.
  12. Wow I guess it doesn't concern you if this is a meteorite or not, I know it is and there is nothing any random dude contests on the internet can do without having reasons why,. I found it in a remote location enough though. No need for someone to agree that's why I stopped posting here.
  13. I am only reporting a reading, I need the streak test or whatever, it might be a diamond. I am waiting because I am broke to test the Venusian potassium/thorium material for oxygen isotope. That will tell me if it's Venusian for sure.
  14. It has a colorless luster when streaked.
  15. The machine does not react to quartz. It is not reacting to the tourmaline why make a diamond checker that would react to quartz?
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