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  1. I have used it to find many pieces of metal. It needs a laser pointer.
  2. I do not live at home, I do not eat as often as I would, actually, I am in a group home with other people I don't even know. I have gotten stolen from, and into fights. Any one of the characteristics I brought up would prove it was a meteorite on it's own. I love science and have been doing meteorite theory for the last 22 years. (You can ask my grampa he saw). I have a lot going on in my life more than I care to put on the internet as well. When will it be enough?
  3. BillPeters, thank you for your skepticism, it saved me some time. Obviously people use quartz for landscaping, can't be more obvious. GeoJack, that is the meaning of my first name, william from "Wilhelm" "willing helmet" lol according to name origin. Morlock, I know algebra, geometry, and calculus. I do not have a degree yet, but I am a computer scientist as well. Google even paid me to interview about it. I know all papers cite other papers for their validity. All you need is one good paper to cite in some cases. It is widely known that scientific artists are needed. There was a gap in meteorite shape research, I am astounded I found the paper that explained what I knew was true before I even had a clue. I need two classes for an associates degree. I made a shirt concept for Dennis Rodmsn to sell for marketing North Korea. This is all it takes to get a Doctorate of Arts, the highest attainable degree. All you have to do, is prove that you improved society in a meaningful way through the arts. Rodman ended up getting out of debt and became super rich off of one t-shirt concept that I personally gave directly to him as a month long Instagram research project. You have to have someone nominate you, and I don't really think me complaining is going to help any. All I am really saying is that I can contribute knowledge. Even if it is just an image. You see how the peace talks started through the social networking? Lol Bedrock Bob, Qigong literally "energy-work" in translation is chinese medical science. Yoga is a science of body postures. I have not seen anything like either come from America. Thanks
  4. I probably ruined it checking it for magnetism.
  5. It could not be useful to a human, so I dont see where the millings/asphalt is coming from. It has rounded glypts on the edges. I have tried a magnet after one was being repelled by a clast, and it had different magnetism. This could be from the interface of quantum spins of certain materials under certain conditions. "New Type of Magnet Discovered: Singlet-Based Magnet. In conventional magnets, small magnetic constituents align with one another to create a strong magnetic field. By contrast, the newly-discovered type ofmagnet — the singlet-based magnet — has fields that pop in and out of existence, resulting in an unstable force." https://interestingengineering.com/a-new-type-of-magnet-has-been-discovered The magnetism of these rocks changes with time, I will have to find the mechanism for creating such magnets and see if it applys. I was going to show a video of the repulsion but the whole thing changed.
  6. I saw a study with the camera watching a rock strapped to a spacecraft on re-entry boil. I may never find it again, but I am not exaggerating.
  7. I feel like nobody is going to want to accept this, but I have been saving it for a while now for exposure to the public. I think this is a meteorite without chemical data, and I doubt with certainty that someone here will be able to explain rationally what this is without saying it is extra terrestrial. This is an oblong, flat, glypted, crusted pice of material. One side is smoother and one side is rocky. You can tell it is crusted because the interior is a completely different color than the tan crust. It has cracks, but it does not fall apart. It is magnetic throughout in different amounts and it has rusty spots. It is a brecciated matrix and that suggests collision. These are all meteoric features, some would say that they are "characteristic" of meteorites. It has giant clasts that are vesicular. This looks like a meteorite from an impact on a body with no atmosphere. The giant clasts are meteorites in a meteorite. The clasts seem to be glypted with the rest of the matrix. The giant clasts are different magnetism than the matrix. One of the giant clasts repels a neodymium magnet on it's sides! Please don't tell me this is slag, please dont tell me this is pavement. It was in the ground. It was far too heavy to have been put there by a person. The giant clasts were around the area, from breaking up and shock from impact. They don't make roads with giant vesicular clasts. They don't put giant pieces of slag on the surface of cement. This is 1 million percent not man-made. The sides would have had to be broken to get it to have this kind of shape, snd there is no evidence this was broken up all around on the sides. This has to be a meteorite, and I want to give it to science. I don't want to have to have this be the first one I sell. But like I said, I have to commission more research. Using the internet and digital images to identify a chemical is farfetched. I am not trying to prove the reality through people's opinion on so little data. At most, I am able to discern if this is worth pursuing or not to bring more data to the table for proof. Which, consequentially costs money itself. Thank you, everyone.
  8. Wow. I was taking everyone's comments to heart, and I thought it was impossible, but I have a thesis. It is an Onsager reciprocal relation (thermoelectric, electrokinetics etc.) It was thought that the Onsager reciprocal relation did not apply to the corialis effect ("fictitious" forces produced by reference frame). I have found a way for the corialis effect to be applied to the Onsager principle to create the "chemocorialis" effect. Where corialis force changes mass transfer rate, and mass transfer area changes corialis force as a reciprocal relation. Any material can be calculated into it. In other words a new force that can be applied to thermodynamic systems, so far only meteorites, and it is a unit of fictional friction that can be used to better predict the shape of an object through it being more or less able to move relative to the earth "throwing" it with air. A kind of quantifying of a boiling solid being whipped randomly through the atmosphere relative to where the earth is. The further from stable flight (corialis) , the hotter the object (and thus the faster mass trasfer). The larger the object the more corialis force experienced per velocity. It is a good ratio for glypts and explains why meteorites are usually oblong. It is related to the stress induced by chaotic flight patterns. It can account for unorganized extra friction. I could be completely wrong, but I do not care, this is just a theory. 👽 Keep looking down, they're out there.
  9. I applied calculus to meteorites, it is like the specific gravity, what more qualification could you get? Any job involves using google so you know I learned everything from google, incuding google books. I am very educated, I just have autism so I tend to over think what is happening, like there are no 20 ft mechs walking around like I thought there should be etc. I also am really loose as this is just casusl conversation, not a paper. If this were a paper, it would follow all universal intellectual standards. It doesn't matter, I have taken science courses and reported on papers myself.
  10. You know you won the argument when they start insulting you I guess because it is a lot easier than you are trying to make it out to be, so I had to check my senses. And it's my first paper too. You should get educated, you don't need credentials to get published.
  11. Yes, as I have said before, I need to write the paper and get it peer reviewed, in fact, after I post this content, I am googling the structure of a scientific paper. I will begin at once. People here know what they are talking about, but lets not ignore that the Venus rocks, if they were real, could be that composition. The problem, is connecting chemistry to aerodynamics. Meteorwrongs are harder to comeby than all this " sag" I have been finding. No need to try to convince people if it takes a paper to even begin to prove the point. I will start with a rational hypothesis based on data, and take cold measurements. The hole next to an edge is under the influence of reverse vortices that cause it to be a reactive element, such that the hole will appear to have "affected" the edge. I have to commision research. Thanks
  12. Okay I will stop posting them here then, it's definitely not slag. Because I have to use my imagination, I look crazy. It has that ratio I brought up. The holes are turning into the edges as a function of meteoritics itself. The tendency for the hole to ablate the edge can be given as a quantum shear ratio in a well blended matrix. (This is not including molecules) The tougher the material, the closer to the edge the hole has to be to ablate it, that's why regmaglypts are distinctive in irons, and they more often do not have holes. Then it gets weaker up to stony-irons where there is chaos in the appearance with more or less gasses in the matrix contributing to hole formation. Until you reach stony meteorites that don't show edge ablation from holes because any holes are rounded out, yet they have perfect edge ablation through time, more reactive to change than iron. In an iron the edges are the holes and they therefore have sturdier shape That is my basic theory on why meteorites take shape. If it makes sense.
  13. Wow, that is such great lengths for so little data. The universe made itself somehow, one star doesn't explain life. Who knows? Maybe the mechanism that built life is a giant meteorite that worked as a machine that wrote DNA. I have seen plausible theories that suggest porous rocks organized the ingredients for life. Since we know the rumor that meteorites don't have vesicles is false, we can see how an accidental chemical machine could be made. And by doing further science, we could check if there is evidence the universe itself chose to make us humans to try to figure out immortality. Lol My crazy theories. I actually have a unified field theory of my own.
  14. I have attached a rock I found just today. This time with a methodical observational sketch of each of it's four sides accompanied by a picture. This is just to see if it helps get the picture through, becsuse these seem obvious to be meteorites to me. This new rock has rusted iron clasts throughout in a range of sizes and shapes. The clasts are strongly attracted to a cheap magnet. The matrix is glypted in every dimension and is weakly attracted to a strong magnet. So the features and the composition line's up with a stony-iron. It even has 2 natural holes straight through like a drill. I drew the pictures, I was going to draw them before but now I just want to make sure we are on the same page here. These are honeycomb flow features in 3 dimensions. If you are telling me it could still not be a meteorite after that, I will take your opinion as "it didnt get through" unless you can show me a piece of slag I could draw on each of it's sides with the same pattern. I was not trying to get these confirmed, but here you go, I never find stony-irons.
  15. Whatever you say, glypts don't make themselves, and a piece of slag or lava can not trick me into think it's a meteorite, just like when everyone meets me and thinks I am mexican when I am half black. Not looking for your approval nor is it needed for me to recognize a meteorite in the field. Not trying to be right it's just the facts. These ones are not worth arguing over lol Who cares if they are meteorites?
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