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  1. Hello, yeah it was Randy Korotev, I think it may be because the rocks I showed him don't have a crust I don't know. They say it matches the Earth too well.
  2. I guess the scientists are still saying it can't be a meteorite.
  3. I moved from the second-hand smoke house to my own apartment and use my pinky finger on machines lol. The moss seems to have grown and gone dormant. The insanity never got to me, I am glad people are being held accountable.
  4. Okay I guess I will start by saying I got the mineral test done. An XRD sample tested for both anorthite and silimanite. I also wanted to see if I could verify them here somehow, I keep getting these rocks stolen from me, and I need security, some of the best rocks for science are gone. Another thing is I messed up on reporting about the oxygen isotope analysis, it had less than 5 % oxygen content. I think this means it had to come from Venus with the matching chemistry and low oxygen. Whatever is growing on the rock, it does not use photosynthesis, it has been alive with me for 1.2
  5. I actually got the results back from the oxygen isotope test on one of these rocks last month, it is the same reading as Earth. That still does not rule out that Venus used to be like Earth so I am now waiting for the world to turn back on to get the mineral test.
  6. My only guess is that it was placed where I found it and a seed was somehow implanted so when I rinsed it with tap water, it caused it to sprout in two days? I did not notice the sprout at first. A seed could have flown and landed in the hole too. I didn't notice how I picked it up because it honestly looked like a misplaced piece of slag to me upon discovering it. You can't tell by photo, but the leaves also have hairs on them, more than I have ever seen in a plant, and I have seen some fuzzy plants. The hole is also perfectly in line with the flow lines. 👀
  7. It appears to have a brownish fusion crust. It is slightly magnetic. It has glypt features. Lips that crest. It appears greenish and brown to bluish black, vesicular, stony, and brecciated. One crazy thing about it, is that it has a natural hole unlike any stony meteorite I have seen. As you will see, the hole is jagged, indicating that it is a rocky matrix and not slag? The hole shouldn't be there, it is basically impossible? A two way bubble? It is in essence a chain of vugs that look like they were acted upon by the same direction of airflow. The next particularly interesting thin
  8. The fusion crust becomes granular in appearance after some time? Am I right?
  9. No ha ha ha , I think that rule is true but on rare occasion a spalled edge will pick up something crust-like, however the surface of the find looks granular, like a slightly weathered iron to me.
  10. That's the plan, I was going to re-ignite the Venus thread if I get the isotope data soon, at most. And the worker said he was cleaning some parts of the machine and there were insidious mass spectrometer problems.
  11. I am going to have to learn the hard way with my test I can barely afford soon to see if I am crazy with one, if I am I will admit it on here I was delusional. I don't think these are meteorites, they are just shaped like them, I learned the hard way what chert is for sure. Meteorites changed my life to get into, it really is one of the more fascinating science subjects.
  12. I believe people on here or if it's a meteorite or not. The fact is we can argue for a very long time to the point we need machines. These are the people with a bias against me, they care more about it than I do somehow. Yet I haven't gotten one response even barely close to the detail I brought up. I am more than perfectly happy with my life with or without meteorites. That needs to get in people's heads. Maybe it looks like I need a meteorite, but I don't. Maybe people think it looks more like a meteorite than I do? Enough to make them think that perhaps I am ignoring what people say?
  13. It is funny isn't it? How could I find so many rocks where the decision of what they are is moot.
  14. There appears to be roots that have tried to take over the cracks and whatever else cement gets grown into from they are hard to remove, they break easily. It was slightly buried, the grass around it must have found nutrients in its crust I dont know. I uploaded a video so you could see the structure and what appears to be a brown crust on it as well on one side. The photo shows the root growth on the top. 20200217_134819.mp4
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