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  1. Wow I couldn't have hoped for a better answer! Sadly, everything you're saying makes a lot of sense... I guess I'll keep looking and definitely let you know if I eventually find one! Thank you so much for your help and effort! Felix
  2. Thank you so much for your answer, but obviously I'm a little disappointed... So you're telling me that if I file down just through the surface I have to see shiny metal to at be sure that it's no earthly rock? And if I hit a meteorite with a diamond file like I did, it has to leave some kind of streak right? And aren't there also meteorites that are partly rock? Sorry for all the questions but I obviously want it to be a meteorite 😅 Thanks again, Felix
  3. Hi Bob! How deep do I have to go to get beneath the surface layer? Thanks for the answer!
  4. I'm new here so first of all hello to everyone! Right know I'm travelling Mexico and there is this story that might interest some of you 😁 So I was in Mexico city at a flea market and stumbled across this guy selling meteorites he claimed to have found in a valley in the desert not far from Mexico city with a metal detector. One of them looked really promising so I bought it and now I want your opinion if this could be a meteorite! So here are the facts I have: -the stone is magnetic -if you rub it against ceramic the stripe is reddish, brown -density is about 3.7
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