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  1. Thanks Mitchel, sorry for the late reply, I’ve been moving to a new home. I’m still here at the Kern River and hope to find some gold. Making a list and contacting some friends is a great idea. A friend of mine owns a ranch out here and that would be a good place to start. Happy hunting Mitchel! Monica
  2. Hello everyone, Hi Nuggetshooter, I am new to metal detecting and have yet to find all the amazing things that I see unearthed on YouTube! I love your channel Bill and have learned so much on the technique and usage of metal detecting equipment. I’ve met a friend in my area who actually knows you his name is Driller Dave. I look forward to learning so much more through this forum. My very first detector was an Outback. I just got a brand new minelab equinox 800. Any advice on how to use my Noxie 800 would be appreciated. Thanks all, Monica aka: Dragonfly Diggs
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