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  1. I haven’t tried a streak test. I’ve never done a streak test before so I’m not 100% sure how. Should I just rub in on a piece of tile? Uncoated tile as in the back of a flooring tile, correct? Does it matter if the “rock” portion rubs it, or would we want the “metallic” part to rub? I don’t think I could easily rub the metallic part flat against a tile because the rock portion curves around it a bit. I might be able to rub the edge though.
  2. Wow, thank you for the very detailed response. You explained that all very well. I’ll get a hold of some companies to find out who would be willing to work with me and get them a sample to test. As soon as I get the results, I’ll get back with you. Until we get the lab results, any guesses as to what it’s consisting of are welcomed. Mainly just as a game to see who gets closest.
  3. I was thinking that maybe they were core drilled out then broke apart at some point.
  4. Here are a couple pictures of the color, the layers and what the outer rock looks like. I lightly scratched it with a piece of glass, that’s what those marks are in the top right corner. Scratched easily.
  5. My mother showed me a small box of these rocks that apparently my dad got from a mine somewhere in Nevada. She told me they were gold but it doesn’t look like any gold I’ve seen before. It is gold/yellow in color, maybe even a copper color. The formation is in thin layers in a black rock. I’m thinking it’s chalcopyrite but I’ve only found one image online that looks similar to it. My father has passed away otherwise I’d ask him more about this “gold”. Let me know what other info you would like and I’ll also (hopefully) be adding pictures of this rock I have, just not sure how yet. Any hel
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