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  1. Happy Birthday 🎂, 5 candles for you!
  2. Thanks Doc, good video and we all need reminders! I was there for 10 days during the outing and definitely kept my head on a swivel but didn't see any.
  3. A little late.... Happy Birthday 🎂 Uncle Ron
  4. Thanks Au Seeker and Tom. It was nice to meet you during the potluck. I might be heading that way early March but not sure yet. Chet, good to meet you too. I was wondering if you were going to be showing everybody your outing AMRA claim nugget. I hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving....
  5. Wow 👏, that's a nice handful of yeller stuff! You must be loafing and waiting out the rain....
  6. I saw Chet about 20 minutes before dark coming out of LSD wash behind us and we stopped and talked at his rig. He said he'd try to make it in the spring too. I'm going to try for the spring but don't know the usual dates.... Mitchel, did we get to meet? Buddy, did you get your permit and make the outing potluck? Aaron
  7. Yes, Chet did find a nice nugget that he showed me Monday evening but haven't seen any pictures posted of it yet. I kneeled down on a dead fuzzy cute little Chola..... Got the fuzz ball off of my jeans when I saw it. The next day during my shower I felt a little bur on my knee, pulled it out with a fingernail clippers, hoping to not cut it off.... It was a quarter inch in my knee! Never even knew it was there.
  8. I only have 2.... Mike Furness and the sunset over the croud.
  9. Buddy, I bought mine online and received the 2 files, parking permit and recreational permit, in an email. I went to a local shipping store and they printed it out for me, cost $1 buck. Hope this helps.
  10. We were out by Stanton when Mike Furness texted me about the new spot 👍. Maybe he's looking forward to potato salad Saturday afternoon. Thanks Mike! PS: Linda just made me get back on here to tell everyone about how I drove a Kia Sportage across the wash after taking it up the wash to the Vulture Bait claim. She said it was a hell of a ride! And I was a good driver
  11. We dug up our share of lead over the past few days but I'm quite sure that you two will get your share! See everybody at the outing potluck 👍 Aaron
  12. Oh really, we're flying in to Phoenix tomorrow morning and staying till the 20th. I'm about 50 miles south of South Carolina down I-85, 10 miles north of Commerce Ga. on hwy 441. I'm in a local club if you want to get together detecting in Dahlonega. I dug up some relics: old pick head, hydraulic couplings and a couple of musket balls. Just no gold yet! You're welcome to get in touch... Aaron
  13. Old Tom and Au Seeker Thank you for the birthday wishes! Hopefully I'll see y'all at the outing potluck and get to meet you....
  14. 👍, I'll have to remember to crawl through, around and under the brush too. Without forgetting about the buzz tails!
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