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  1. You are welcome, Bob. And thanks for the follow up lesson and info. I was pretty aggressive with the "window" knowing that it was likely it was not a meteorite. What care should be taken if someday I happen to find stumble on a meteorite? I would guess marring the specimen would diminish it's value. Thanks! Dave
  2. Hello everybody. Thanks for all the replies and thoughts. As suggested, I used my grinder to to expose what lies beneath. Definitely a meteor wrong. Thank you for the education. I love learning new things and will use that if I find something else in the future. Take care, Dave
  3. I have done enough magnet fishing. That is the first time I have seen a rock stick. I have never been in that part of the river. It must be in an area with some slightly different geology. Thanks for taking the time Fred. Dave
  4. Hello all. I am a coin shooter, relic hunter, and bottle digger. I have always paid attention to meteorite stories and think they are cool. But really never made time to look for them. Anyway, a few weeks ago I was kayaking on the river. I dumped my kayak at the dock and lost my keys in the water. No problem, I have a fishing magnet and came back later to get them. What did surprise me is finding a stone attacked to the magnet when I pulled it up out of the water. I have never encountered a rock like this before. From my limited googling it seems it could be a chondrites. But I am
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