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  1. Typical response from someone with your limited intelligence
  2. I did not ask and don’t care, save it for the interns
  3. Good, now you can go find someone else to attack and make you feel good about yourself
  4. Hello Fred To answer your question, I am an ASQ certified metrologist, around 40 + years experience with analytical instrumentation, own my own company for the past 20 years, interested in meteorites as a hobby for around five or six years, who's counting, been field collecting twice, not a big fan of it, have tested samples for friends and others for that long, mostly irons, and lots of rocks that were not meteorites. the irons easy to test, the others pose a real challenge, which is why sophisticated equipment is needed. I am sure Bob will find something in this post to harp a
  5. Posted by a person who knows so much about testing meteorites that he sends them to someone else, pathetic even for your level bob
  6. I thought we were discussing testing, not having someone else test them, if someone else test them, then it is moot to even consider their choice of instruments or methods you win Bob
  7. I would really like to know where an XRF can be purchased cheaper than an ICP, and how you think an XRF is easier to use than dimethylgloxime? on second thought, don’t bother, as I do not see any benefit to using a field kit composed of a magnet and a fingernail file
  8. Well, since we have left the realm of simple and affordable testing alternatives, my vote is with ICP analysis.
  9. I did not call anyone a dirt monkey, I stated that I was not one, as you so eloquently implied as for expert status, I never stated that either, I just stated that I test meteorites, where, based upon your response, you test terrestrial rocks. I was thrilled that you were “Done with this”, premature since you obviously are not. sorry if I am not impressed with your status, I do not impress easily.
  10. I do most of my work in a lab, so the test I am used to performing are definitive, I am not a dirt monkey
  11. A streak test is only definitive if the specimen is not a meteorite, as most meteorites do not leave a streak
  12. I did not consider the possibility that the OP had the equipment or expertise to make the determination as you suggest, not many newbies in the field have your experience hence, they post and ask on this form for a positive ID based upon a poor quality photo. next time I will just let the visual photo experts provide advise, I have better things to do
  13. Of coarse, I do not advocate nickel testing every single suspected specimen, but when a questionable specimen is determined to have merit for further testing, the nickel test is one of the easiest test to perform, again, only if the specimen warrants it. as for cutting a window, I normally reserve this as prep for looking at the specimen with the microscope, in which case, I need a larger and flatter, polished surface, maybe due to my age and failing eyesight.
  14. I find that cutting a window into a suspected specimen in the field to be quite challenging
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