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  1. I don't see a sold reply ? Sir do you still have the unit for sale? Thank you.
  2. Yep, amazing just how much lead has been cast out, pretty much my experience on every hunt. I save it all just to remind me that it is part of the hunt. 

  3. Very interesting , thank you for posting this . I hunt old land dredge tailings and seeing how the plant was loaded by drag line helps me understand how probable inferior recovery occurred and ended up in tailings. very kool video. 

    thank you.

  4. Yep, I'm a shooter also but never realized the amount of trash I put into an area, the air rifle pellets always surprise me. but that's huntin gold with a MD in the wild wild west. Keep on keepin on , good fortune too you brother.
  5. BMc just getting a hang of this site, familiar sights in your pic's. maybe one day we will run into each other in that neck of the woods I think that would be cool. I could use some pointers from a veteran. I rarely see another soul up there except for camping folk.
  6. Thanks BMc for the reply, I am a club member of the WPA , all I know is there is chunky yella metal to be found , and probably a good chance to find some yella where I'm pokin around. like you said most think they need water to make it happen. All I know is I feel awful good when I'm in the zone and a lookin. I do appreciate your comment. thanks Brother.
  7. After exhaustive research , which was fun for two winters and then multiple (7/trips no gold) 280 miles away one way . I have come across the mother zone producing these nuggets.To get down to brass tacks,I see you always use the 5" coil with the GM 1000 on shallow ground which is what I used to find these nuggies , And I have learned to use the GM on the full manual 10 setting most often when hunting which is a finesse in itself. now down to the real question? if I use the bigger coil will I get more depth? because where I am hunting is old (1920's dryland wash plant tailings coarse and fines
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