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  1. "Natural agate River Black Pebble / cobbles for ball mill grinding media / tumbled stone" Well, that pretty darn close.
  2. IKR? I like them, but I want to know what they actually are. Maybe some kind of agate thats been river tumbled?
  3. Tumbled without the polish step at the end? Maybe so. But, the weight would be way above average and the shape would still be wonky for Saffordite.
  4. Wait, you have something other than Apache Tears there? :o Got a photo with more direct light?
  5. Real saffordite show pitting and dimpling like this. The first two photos at the top are not Saffordite.
  6. Even though the surface is black, when you shine a light through it, it appears white. One has some banding similar to an agate, but the other is purely white.
  7. Surely, I have been bamboozled! These are not Saffordite. But, they are something nice. I like them, but what are they?
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