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  1. So I poured a generous amount of white vinegar on it and there was no reaction, it just made it wet. Also tried to scratch it with a sharp knife but it wasn't making any marks.
  2. Ok thanks. I will try the acid and get back. Thanks for the comments
  3. Is this a mineral? I found this on a beach while searching with my metal detector. It's not magnetic, but I found it in a hole in the sand I was digging. It had barnacles on it so I know it was in the ocean for a while. I had trouble searching around for it, but it looked like a picture of a website claiming it was amethyst. This didn't sound right to me I always thought amethyst was purple. Maybe some kind of quartz? I was also thinking of polishing this and making it shiny and possibly making a jewelry pendent out of it. What kind of tools/equipment would I need to get this filed
  4. Hi... I recently bought a minelab eqx 11 to search for relics as a hobby (my first real metal detector). On my searches I occasionally stumble on some cool/interesting rocks that I would like help identifying which is what brought me here. Nice to be part of this community.
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