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  1. Hey Guys, Unfortunately i don't have a torch. so i did this.. Using a standard lighter: I scrapped off some flakes and tried to light them on a paper plate...didn't do anything before the plate started burning. Also held it up to the end for about a min, the very tip turned red, but went away as soon as flame was removed. no smoke or noticeable smell. Toilet back: scrapped it and resembled like i was writing with a black chalk. Cigar torch: end lit up red again, but no noticeable smoke or smell. Appreciate the schooling /
  2. Is it a certain type of coal? ... it does not leave any residue (black) on my hands
  3. Hello Everyone, I found the below material in a planter under a large bird of paradise. Also, i've noticed this in smaller pieces in various parts of the yard. I was thinking it was maybe a burnt/semi-petrified piece of wood, but it has a very shiny appearance on parts while matte on others. It is brittle enough that i can break it with my hands (small piece in photo was broken by hand). First 6 photos are of the material on a paper towel, material is about 1.5 x 1.0 inches. Location is Jacksonville, FL. Thank you in advance!
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