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  1. I found some  galena once, Arctic Dave should remember that dark vein up on top of the hill over towards Kirkland...hit it with a torch and plumbing flux an got shiny little molten beads.  The density can be a dead giveaway.  I had San Diego Dectector Xrf it but there was no Ag mixed in.waaaaaa. just lead

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  2. Are you thinking  of the LongValley caldera up by Mammoth? 

    I am not aware of any official USGS reports on a supercaldera under China Lake other than what you will find using the suggested search terms. And that is just rumor and speculation at this point. 

        Tthere is the much studied CosoVolcanic field, but to my knowledge it has not been labeled as a caldera, though it,'s certainly active and has much potential and already exploited geothermal activity.

  3. Perhaps you heard about the Searles,,,China lake ,CA  earthquakes in the past few weeks.You could chalk this up to motion in the EastCali rift zone, or Walker Lane as some geologists call it.  The motion there takes up where the Andreas left off, leaving a more direct route for the two plates to slide by one another(Pacific/American plates)...There's quite large number of quakes daily leading some to speculate,,, many things.

       One " spec'ld" that a super caldera is forming under China Lake.  Search "china lake caldera supervolcano" to kill some time.

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