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  1. DaveZ   Posted .  "Colorless and sherry topaz from Topaz Mtn. Worth every flat tire to get out there. Take multiple cans of fix-a-flat and a compressor. You will need them."


    Airing down your tires  25% from normal inflation pressures and driving slower can mitigate puncture risks when driving rocky dirt roads.

    When tires are fully inflated, they present a harder surface  for small sharp rocks to punch through.

    Also, small "sharpies" that present little risk  laying  flat in the road ,can be kicked up by the front tires to present a more pointed front when trapped by the rear tires at an inclined angle( imagine your tire rolling over  a "pungi" stick).

    Don't forget tire plugs, as fix a flat can be hit or miss, as well as being corrosive to steel belts.

    Always get a tire plugged by a shop if using it as soon after the flat as posssible. Costco will refuse to plug a tire with a fix a flat repair.


  2. Half mile wide asteroid is passing by today. The VTP  allows us peons without  a telescope to view in realtime.

    "The colossal asteroid, dubbed Asteroid 1998 HL1, will swing past Earth this evening (Friday, October 25). Astronomer Gianluca Masi of the Virtual Telescope Project in Italy believes amateur astronomers will be able to see the space rock from home. The US space agency NASA estimates HL1 measures in the range of 1,443ft to 3,248ft (440m to 990m) across"

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  3. On 9/8/2019 at 2:13 AM, wet/dry washer said:


    . the females in her group were like zombies, none recognized her. several hours later they did but still acted different, they didn't care about anything going on.

    it was earlier this year me fount out that it destroy's the part of the brain that keeps one from doing harm to others



    We did the gas chamber in boot camp, then every year, never had my brain destroyed, still empathetic.

    Afterward, trying to recover, deal with the irritation, but all faculties still functioning. Didn't see any zombies, just guys with red watery eyes blowing their noses and hitting the showers-cold water felt great.

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