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  1. 7 hours ago, FlakMagnet said:

    Wow! Now that is really cool. I wonder, would you be willing to make a ring from a meteorite I found? Thanks for putting up the video, it was fascinating and original.

    Sure, if I had the meteorite, the machinery, and the skill to do all that's shown in the vid.:).. It all looks pretty straight forward, doesn't it.

    I like the  small " ring chuck" he made.

    For now, I'll stick with making a cab every so often in the Palomar Gem lap shop.

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  2. On 10/25/2019 at 9:53 PM, homefire said:

    I've been chased around the truck a few times by range cows.  Dang things get uppity some times.  One stomped my Gold Magic to death .  Well actually Ran over it trying to get me. 

    Sounds like a " cull" to me. The  few ranchers I know will shoot a critter like that.

    We have a grazing lease agreement with a rancher. On the few occasions  that we can watch "COW TV" live, on the set, everyone of the beeves in earshot  of my melancholy tune ,or stones throw, scampers, including the herd bullI (wish I was as endowed). He looks to be four feet wide and very heavy.

    I first thought I was looking at udders.

    I was wrong.

  3. On 1/6/2020 at 9:48 PM, Stillweaver hillbelli said:

    ...Might as well predict that hell is going to freeze over., pigs will fly, and Bedrock Bob will become a monk.


    I apologize. I did not mean to inadvertently  imply sex in this post.

    There are equal odds that  a  convent could be in Bob's future:WOW:

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  4. Forest roomba: take a cylinder 8 feet wide and 2 in diameter, cover it with big carbide teeth and spin @ 2000 rPM or so. Mount on an articulating arm. Install on a 13 ton tracked vehicle... search forester mulcher... FECON

    Couple that  with "feller bunchers" to drop trees for harvest ,and areas open to the public to harvest dead and downed wood, and you will have much less flammable  areas

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  5. Metal prices are self-correcting, somewhat, overtime, as rising prices bring more production/ supply into the market to handle increasing demand.

    To be sure, there are idled mines with stockpiles of ore awaiting processing if only they could increase their margin.  Either prices for metal go up, or processing costs go down due to lower energy costs will increase margin.

    Note: my first sentence that I stated "somewhat"...

  6. On 9/24/2019 at 8:57 PM, Bedrock Bob said:


    Yeah, it was all about poodles, gold and butterbeans back in the days of the Conquest. They would carry rocks shaped like hamhocks for miles across the desert to mark the butterbean deposits. And carve mountains into poodles wherever they found gold. 

    Where butterbean seams intersected gold veins the poodles looked confused and were always depicted in the "scooting across the carpet on their butt" position. This is well documented in Spanish records that were recently uncovered near where the Spanish were quarrying ham hock rocks.

    This will change the way we view the Spanish and re write a page of history. It will undoubtedly lead to the discovery of rich butterbean deposits in the Bradshaws.

    damm you and your butter beans! I cannot diet thinking about them and choice ham.


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