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  1. I'd guess gabbro, basalt's underground cousin (based on the grain size).
  2. Wow, sure looks like an old, old bone with a ball/ socket look about it. A paleontologist at a local museum, university ought to have a gander.
  3. Looks like the Saudi refinery fire has worried the stock market and thrilled war mongers, energy prices go up with restricted supply ,which constrains manf's with increased cost for energy... folks run for the exits and to safety away from the stock market ,,, gold and silver pop up, backfilling of the chart stops. Check KITCO for metal prices.
  4. Welcome, Drew also in the county 20 miles NE of downtown Dago. Can't wait to get out of dodge...This place has gone to........................ Searched for Yogerst(thank wetdry ) will have to get a copy of "Nemesis A novel of old California "
  5. Any iron mining in the area, old smelters?Mining History we can dig up? Where found?
  6. I would not know Venutian slag from Martian sandstone, nor the VOP-Venutian Oxidation Potential -of high pressure CO2 combined with SO2@ 150ppm(rotten egg gas is smelly at less than 1 ppm) that Venus has... Sulfur dioxide breaks down into sulfuric acid.whether it does on Venus, I will let you know next time I visit....googled.... clouds of sulfuric acid, but it evaporates before hitting the ground. Betting on Earth Slag by 6 lengths.
  7. At a penny a share, that is over 4.3 million$ worth of stock. Is that Vegas gambling money to you? I looked up Dixie Brands. They have no positive earnings . To be fair, they've only been public since March
  8. Wife pointed one out to me 12 mi NNW of Rich Hill, one day. It must have been 6" long. It turned and scurried towards me when I kicked sand at it. When it got another dose of sand in its face , it reared like a cobra while running on its hind legs. Freaked me out so it got the heel of my boot...they're aggressive when messed with. I should have got a jar, collected it, and taken it to Spider Pharm in Yarnell. I think Mike Rowe did a segment on them for Dirty Jobs a few years ago.
  9. Read the NOAA FORCAST the President was referring to.https://www.nhc.noaa.gov/archive/2019/DORIAN_graphics.php?product=wind_probs_34_F120
  10. Funny you think that funny when the Natl Guard was deployed in that state , as well as Georgia, as well as the Collusion News Network (and others) reporting (based on NWS REPORTS) that same states were in danger of tropical force storm winds.
  11. That is called " pump and dump". I hope whatever insiders are pumping keep it up. Not into value stocks? Companies that have real earnings and maybe even a dividend?
  12. Climates have always changed and man is the least of its causes for changing.
  13. And only a phone to peruse pics.not much detail... The patch itches but mostly when reading granitoid Roberto 's enlightening verbose verbiage.
  14. ?canyon and creek... How about country, state. county and local geographic landmarks. Consulting geologic maps of the area can help to narrow down things.
  15. You think it is volcanic why?Can you scratch it easy with a pin or knife? Where found?
  16. Search: blue volcanic rock ...and Pectolite/Larimar come up. I am guessing that the link posted had something to do with a personal sale site..
  17. Ok, we came from the Niburu Bakery and that is where we got our alien DNA.
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