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  1. I was not suggesting wearing a lifeguard straw hat while flying.XL size should fit and there's much benefit from the shade provided to your body. Of course, you could cut off most of that insulation you have growing up top, Samson. The hat would fit better.
  2. Soak it in OXICLEAN for a day with some detergent. It will clean up.
  3. One step further is to rig a Camelback or other water rig with a hand bulb pump to force water to a low pressure spray head on top of your hat.
  4. If you top off your head before you don the hat with a wet microfiber cloth, the effect lasts longer and can also keep sweat from dripping in your eyes Add another wetcloth at the rear of the primary to protect cool your neck.
  5. Those really wide straw lifeguard hats work great as a personal swamp cooler when soaked in water every so often. Reinforce the brim with a bunch of staples> after taping the circumference with waterproof fabric first aide tape.
  6. Fair enough., that's what I get for assuming.
  7. OBUMMER'S environmental pollution agency preemtively shot it down before they even went into the permitting process. That ruling has been overturned. ..much Au, Ag, and Mo in that ground. https://www.cnsnews.com/commentary/nicolas-loris/epa-reverse-pre-emptive-veto-alaskas-pebble-mine-victory-regulatory-process
  8. Maybe this topic should be entitled, "Could this be Leaverite"?
  9. So you didn't post this topic? SOMEONE ELSE posted the topic heading, "COULD THIS BE...?" And you expected no opinions to be thrown your way in response? That is highly illogical.
  10. The reason was because you asked, , "Could this be a meteorite?"(or meteorwrong) That was you asking our opinion.. To " insert" ourselves, as you put it.. To now fault us for doing what you asked of us is quite insulting.
  11. Thank you for paragraphs and the lack of run on sentences. You are to be commended. Others should learn from your example.
  12. Again, the onus is not on us to discredit your find with proof. Rather , it is on you to prove it is. All we have is pics to go on and your verbiage. Good luck getting some university researcher to study your granite , sandstone, other rock because it will take specialized testing. Since you have so much research that supposedly discusses this type of meteorite why don't you get in touch with the authors of same, since,according to you, have already studied or theorized about this.
  13. Not really. I think that title goes to limestone type rocks derived from shells and various organisms.
  14. May be biotite. Or schorl Sandstone can be cemented on a large or small scale. Some carbonate helps here as does the amount of pressure involved. Throw in a lot of both and you get a very hard sandstone. Neither, and you have a sand dune. Add extreme pressure and you get a quartzite countertop and island for about 4000$ installed
  15. As in decomposed granite. Could you post pics with a ruler or coin for scale. It would help from our perspective.
  16. Genesis that didnt quite get all the way there from granite( now decomposing).
  17. "I'd say you've had enough" "Hey, where the white women at?"
  18. These Are People Of The Land. The Common Clay Of The New West. You Know… Morons Excuse me while I whip this out.. Mongo only pawn in game of life...
  19. Will it light under a torch flame? Remindsd me of hunk of tar from a kettle. Scratch it with a knife an underneath a toilet tank lid.
  20. Looks rosy to me too. Nice foundation rock for a retaining wall., or elsewhere in the landscape
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