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  1. Yup, if you can toe the line as a gov't administrator, ther'll be a wealth of private sector possibilities when you retire.
  2. Project Veritas' take on all this https://www.liveleak.com/view?t=9o2rE_1588479577
  3. https://www.americanthinker.com/articles/2020/05/help_officer_im_being_murdered_by_an_unmasked_gunman.html#.Xq81iMJ_uBc.gmail
  4. Ok,tumbled red glass, fake opal and brass
  5. Ruby is the red nug? Opal is the rainbow nug? Very Nice nugs, overall! Entertaining, but too easy.
  6. Oh, you've stooped that level, many a time. Whether it is calling me " swellbelly" ( I would like to drop 30 pounds down to 180)) , ...or insinuating that complaining about the current situation is unpatriotic, you have been there at the front throwing invective and inuendo about. That is how you got your.moniker , "Master Conundrum". Ifyou wouldlike to call a truce, and reel it back, so be it.
  7. As for the situation in Gallup , ,,, I think there are too many, fat, diabetic,hypertensive poor indians that dont know the importance of Vit D. ...and have a limited supplyof fresh veggies. GET SOME SUN!
  8. Master Conundrum says he doesn't drink- but he trips on mescaline... awllll righhhty then....
  9. I guess because everyone has there own connotation of the word. To me, the typical hypochondriac runs to the doctor for every little ailment. You r typical doctor doesn't prescribe supplements.
  10. Hypochondriacs depend on doctors and are reactive. The point of taking supplemental vitamjns, minerals herbs is to avoid doctors -being proactive.
  11. Dang. BMC. I will have to look up some of that and add to my horde. Ever cooked anything with Bitter Melon? To say it is an acquired taste is an understatement... much interesting data on its anticancer properties. Easy to grow, just need a trellis, sun water znd some soil to grow....and you learn to like the bitterness contrasted with other components in a soupor stew
  12. Luke said in response to supplemental vitamins, ," no more than you would get in good food..." ‐‐-------------------------------------------- Anyone workin on there suntan, then?
  13. Personally, I never stopped,"stepping outside". Shop everyday , sometimes to just "audit" what is available here in San Diego. Screwing the economy, like we are, is wrecking people"s lives, destroying businesses,putting people on the street, bankrupting people , driving up rates of addiction, suicide, mental illness,and death by other causes. Martial law can take a hike.
  14. No , I don't double quote myself. Leave it to National Proletariat Radio to attempt to wreck great wisdom.
  15. Nope, not CMN#'s, just #'s from the CDC. No elastic or catching up needed. May be you need to catch up on the Constitution and Bill of Rights.
  16. Nope, 37,308 as of today https://www.cdc.gov/nchs/nvss/vsrr/covid19/index.htm
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