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  1. Gangs are a big problem. EL PASO PD has a pretty good handle on it, though, when compared to other cities(52 shot/ 7dead in Chicago over the weekend...Chicago dead .. but since those are individual shootings and primarily black on black violence, it doesn't fit the narrative of" angry white males are the terrorists" that the lamestream media would have us believe. The violence project Yup there are too many crazies on antidepressants and whose only connection to the outside world is the internet. Sad thing is,they telegraph their intentions long before they go off the deep end. THE LINK was a 2 year study of mass shootings going back to the '60's to present.
  2. It has all of the elements of a good copy, does it not?
  3. Looks likehttps://bensguide.gpo.gov/j-great-seal?highlight=WyJncmVhdCIsInNlYWwiLCJzZWFsJ3MiLCJncmVhdCBzZWFsIl0%3D
  4. You mentioned riots and rock throwing. And they're coming down to that great republic... That is their modus operandi...I just put 2 and 2 togeth er.
  5. The folks that do technical analysis are calling for resistance mid 1700. Anytime there is a big upswing( in anything) there tends to be backfilling. IOW,as the price goes up, more supply comes to the market,,,The oversupply then dampens the price rise(backfills).
  6. BB said, "Stones from the riot that started an American race war would definitely be something to have." ...... That was in Chicago in1919. Illinois is a bit up river from Texas, dontcha think? Are you trying to shut down your own thread?
  7. Well I know that POTUS is visiting and protests are planned, as well as ANTIFA making a showing. If anyone would be throwing rocks, ."stones from the riot",,,it would be them. And, ANTIFA rocks are worthless.Their value is zero when assayed.
  8. Perseids does not peak for another few days. Antifa " rocks " are a bunch of worthless...
  9. Ride it out,don't be caught up with the lemmings racing towards the cliff. There has always been a crier dressed in a sandwich board,"THE END IS NIGH"...year in and year out. The louder and more pronounced the cry, the greater the odds of a "bottom" being reached.
  10. There is something to that,keeping moisture on the body,,,and your clothing to act as a natural swamp cooler.
  11. It pops explosively or burns? Are you sure it isn't just water turning to steam?A. Video would be helpful...🌋 ..plenty of Earth rocks will explode around a campfire from moisture they contain
  12. I guess it sparks when you strike it, eh.? Was trying to an emoji for a miner with dynamite ,but failed .
  13. Looks like granite to me with iron staining one face.Why do you think it's sandstone,odin?
  14. Once you find one at the swap meet, drench it till the fibers soften, then poke some sharpened pencils through the dome and leave them until dry,,,. more vent holes the better. The flattened, grassy or palm fiber hats are better than those made of round er straw fiber. Staples ,over wide firstaide tape around the brim , will prolong the investment.
  15. I was not suggesting wearing a lifeguard straw hat while flying.XL size should fit and there's much benefit from the shade provided to your body. Of course, you could cut off most of that insulation you have growing up top, Samson. The hat would fit better.
  16. Soak it in OXICLEAN for a day with some detergent. It will clean up.
  17. One step further is to rig a Camelback or other water rig with a hand bulb pump to force water to a low pressure spray head on top of your hat.
  18. If you top off your head before you don the hat with a wet microfiber cloth, the effect lasts longer and can also keep sweat from dripping in your eyes Add another wetcloth at the rear of the primary to protect cool your neck.
  19. Those really wide straw lifeguard hats work great as a personal swamp cooler when soaked in water every so often. Reinforce the brim with a bunch of staples> after taping the circumference with waterproof fabric first aide tape.
  20. Fair enough., that's what I get for assuming.
  21. OBUMMER'S environmental pollution agency preemtively shot it down before they even went into the permitting process. That ruling has been overturned. ..much Au, Ag, and Mo in that ground. https://www.cnsnews.com/commentary/nicolas-loris/epa-reverse-pre-emptive-veto-alaskas-pebble-mine-victory-regulatory-process
  22. Maybe this topic should be entitled, "Could this be Leaverite"?
  23. So you didn't post this topic? SOMEONE ELSE posted the topic heading, "COULD THIS BE...?" And you expected no opinions to be thrown your way in response? That is highly illogical.
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