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  1. You think it is volcanic why?Can you scratch it easy with a pin or knife? Where found?
  2. Search: blue volcanic rock ...and Pectolite/Larimar come up. I am guessing that the link posted had something to do with a personal sale site..
  3. Ok, we came from the Niburu Bakery and that is where we got our alien DNA.
  4. First you contradict, then agree. When are you going to argue? A contradiction is a poor excuse for an arguement. Monty told me so. Nice edit, by the way..
  5. That's all you got? Your verbosity is suddenly verklempt? Even the divine needs some baking soda and flour to work with.
  6. It all depends on your perspective.... and objectivity. At what point was our planet "Earth"? Prior to that, "Earth" was a lump in the accretion disc around the sun (amongst other lumps). Were incoming "meteors" changed to "meteorites " when they glommed on at that point? Were etymologists arguing the distinction ?.I think not Whichever term suits your fancy, you must agree that without the beginning ingredients, you'll have no cake. You are being too subjective, as usual.
  7. The elements of the periodic table(on this planet) all came from space rocks,meteors, if you will, and assembled into our solar system- which we are a product of. Shirley, you cannot argue with that. Sorry I called you Shirley, Bob. Have you nipped a dram or two? You seem to be in rare form...
  8. Sorry for the post jack but we could benefit from better vision ... NAC
  9. Au,Ag ratio Kitco hype for the bulls
  10. Need some help with scale, any clues like a quarter in future pics would help. Is th j.g at a 5 gallon pail in the pic or? From what I can gather, it looks l I'l ke first class yard rock for a border or wall. Where did you find it,?
  11. "Wild horse Mesa" by Zane Grey is a great read. Fat buck. Venison. It's what's for dinner
  12. Drywall installation/ finishing work is the same way- until after prime and paint...then it is beautiful.
  13. The mini spy cameras and laser guns always seemed to get my motor running.
  14. In center of third pic is a small cavity with a dark pyramidal shape crystal that could be Zircon.
  15. Looks like Albite( the white feldspar)...crush it to powder, make playdom, play pattycake, fire it and you made ceramic. the blackish( may be a deep red?) surrounded by^ could be schorl(black tourmaline), garnet, or... course there is plenty of quartz,too Glittery shiny stuff could be biotite mica.
  16. Behind our house is a large,chaparral covered mtn with some trails to the top. Several years ago I was hiking with my dog(behind) when I heard a rattle... I froze. Then, verrrrrrrry slowly,reversed walked until out of perceived range. Definitely a rattler with ver thick body. It was less than 2 feet from my path and quite large. Keep your eyes not only under your feet but under the scrub to either side.
  17. If one doesn't provoke a response, one wont get bit by a snake.
  18. Mr Bill, I like to browse to settle me unmedicated ADD. IS it any help to you, to defray website costs, if we do?
  19. I hope all fearful of reptiles will acquaint themselves with the differences between rattlesnakes and the non venomous Gopher snake. Key differences of the Gopher are lack of a typical triangular head(of a venomous viper), they have a narrow body and head/round pupils, and no rattles Other than that, their markings/skin look almost identical.Snake differences. They can be easily confused if not looking for key details and are pannicked.
  20. In my readings,I have come across the saying," "I've seen the elephant",,,which basically means that person has undergone great hardship, usually associated with migrating West(think 49'ers,travel by covered wagon,horseback/mule or on foot.
  21. What about storing product in a fridge? Or as a compromise( due to food smelling like a chemical factory) use a "breadboard"(mixing board made of 3/4" HDPE) kept in a fridge or freezer until mixing time? Or some thick steel plate or ceramic tile... Epoxy retarder There may be something similar for polyester resin(bondo).
  22. I hear that, I was a buyer ip to 45 on the last upheaval What is next? Ever increasing deficit spending with growing g interest on total debt, gloom, despair and agony( on me) deep dark depression , excessive misery...Those conditions are.likely to cause a runup so hold onto your treasure chests. Or Yellowstone will blow and then the only commodities worth anything will be canned goods and wine/liquor( can't eat silver or gold), ,,,and cartridges of various calibers
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