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  1. I means zip to me, except in a vicarious way. My only thoughts were that folks need to get outdoors where the chance of transmission is nil. Vit D is a big booster for the immune system. Get some sun, folks. Don't worry about me,Bob. I wouldn't want your brain cell to have a stroke. Never been to one of the outings, as I am not a serious beeper. By the way, I got your little guy right here
  2. Sounds like the VA . DAV.ORG should go to bat for you. Their site has email contact info. Squeaky wheel gets the grease, as they say.
  3. Looks like a form of granite, weathered. and in need of a large door to "stop" or garden bed to border.
  4. Tom , LSD is not my backyard like al' y'all's. The idea is to have NO leader...just a group consensus of who wants to go, where and when. I would assume perceived liability comes in to play withBill's decision, as well as Minelab, or other sponsors not wanting to deal with "complications", shallwe say. Not to mention there's probably a contingent of that have decided to hunker down already. But then, Tom, I believe you were being a bit facetious in response to my blunt delivery. Touche
  5. What's this "we" stuff? ... the folks that normally go ought to correspond and make it an " unofficial" shindig. Do you really need MINELAB there to have a good time? Of course, someone needs to inform Bill of the unofficial beep-o-rama.
  6. You have tinitus, too? I mostly "tune it out "unless it is really quiet. Then. I notice it.
  7. They are early,,, has not been 17 yrs. Heard them singin around 2006 I think while we were motel camping in Prescott . annoying buggers
  8. I had to look up septarian... fossilized mud bubble that may contain a crystal pocket- a geode.... were it in my collection, I would saw it in half to see what was inside.
  9. I think it is coral or sponge fossil. A sedimentary rock would not be porous like that. Pumice would not scratch glass or have those straight lines. Only a harder mineral or rock could do that.
  10. A shark face. And don't forget lasers
  11. It does not count as true spider porn unless you show their spinerets. Try again.
  12. That makes sense. I wonder if "reflectors " or repeaters could be positioned inside the twists snd turns of a large mine to extend the range of the 2.4 GHz signal. I would imagine that most any rough, rock surface would attenuate transmission back and forth.
  13. Will a drone lose comm if line of sight is dissrupted to the transciever? Going straight down a shaft is one thing, but wouldn't it get chancy if the adit took a turn or two?
  14. I was sticking up for you( your knowledge of geology is inspiring) and trying to complement you at the same time. No attempt at insult. May be I have the wrong god. Would Poseidon be more suited since he was god of the underworld, and, rocks are , well, formed underground?
  15. Fossil...Looks like an an ancient relative of an abalone .
  16. Or other silica mineral such as quartz
  17. I think I know the one yiu are talking about, but ,Westward The Tide was pub'd in 1977 and is about a large party of Au prospectors headed to a prospect in the Bighorn Mtns in the 19th century.
  18. Triied to snap a pic, but need to edit below pixel limit. I am all thumbs
  19. Chapter 1 "Matt.Bardoul rode his long leggedzebra dun down thedusty main street of Deadwood.Gulch a few.minutes ahead of the stage.." ... Only two paperback copies... You want do some horsetradin, pilgrim? I seecopies om Amazon snd other sellers for just a few bucks , plus shipping....send me a fin and I will send it out on the next stage.
  20. Gilaoro, 1979 copright ,,," BENDIGO SHAFTER" is a fictional novel by Louis L'Amour of this very area of the Continental Divide. Highly rec'd reading. I have all his books. He has never let me down........... Pg 5..." "Yes ma"am. I glanced about the bench. " I have come to build you a cabin then." " Build it so when spring comes I can add a long room on the south, for when the wagons roll again I shall open a trading post." She turned to Bud, who had come up the slope from the meadow. "You will help Mr. Shafter and learn from him. It is not every man who can build a house." Ruth Macken had a way of making a man feel large in his tracks, so what could I do but better than my best? The morning chill spoke of winter coming, yet I notched each log with care and trimmed them with smooth, even blows...."
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