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  1. No left noses are irritated in that process?
  2. .. a timelapse ofthe day you skin it would be entertaining
  3. I think you could have avoided all this fabrukatin an wrenching if you had just bought a car to plane conversion kit from KaleCo Auto.
  4. No need for that with a reverse pitch prop
  5. Well, shucks, tweren't nothing, just logical, I reckon. . you're just too munificent in your mineralogic musings.Thanks for making mineralogy great again
  6. I assume your hinge hardware is grade8 or better?
  7. ,Now, if you had said ,"scratch it on your lid and show the streaks on your toilet", maybe...
  8. I have only driven the 60 from Phoenix, north to Wickenburg/Prescott 6 times. Each time ,whether N or S bound(weekends included), it seemed like one long stretch of strip mall traffic with the corresponding," we're going to stop you at every traffic light so you can get in/out of the mall or take a good look at the stores to tempt you" , type of traffic " flow". Of course, that is just one section, but it is too busy. Couple that with increasing housing density and commercial buildout, you can then imagine why traffic planners are trying to mitigate.
  9. It ought to take some heavy traffic( of all stripes ) off of the 60 NW of Phoenix... as well as keep it away from the city. The 60 is one slow stretch of road north of town.
  10. Goog spot to find a meteorite, though. The bay was hit by a large strike, ages ago. https://pubs.usgs.gov/fs/fs49-98/
  11. Should weigh much more than that if it truly was Ag... it is something else.
  12. Well jade can come in all colors represented in your pics. I see linear markings that could be scratches or maybe a clear coat(brush strokes) over the jade. I assume that its weight is indicative of actual stone and not painted wood... A hot pin dragged on the surface will stick or catch a bit , if fake, plastic.
  13. I have seen no little green men, nor greys, reptilians, shape shifters etc. That is not to say that I do not believe they do not exist, just that our paths have yet to cross. So, I don't fret it out in the boonies. In such situations where I may find myself 12miNNW of Rich Hill, my go to mantra is to call out, "here kittykitty", a much greater concern.🐅
  14. The fractures are zones of weakness that can allow the tester to be gouged out, not because isn't as hard as the sample, but because it isn't as tough. But just as likely, or moreso, your "diamond" left a streak, as Bob posited.
  15. Looks like tumbled quartz ,and the yellow , a citrine variant. Iron can stain in many colors.
  16. Did you cleave,fracture it? Maybe it eroded that way or some country rock forced it to be that shape.
  17. I am guessing that the conundrum is not the best quality.
  18. Al Gore didn't invent the internet but he did make up gloBULL warming.

  19. Insert COLUMBIA in place of Challenger and you would be spot on. It was a reentry failure Challenger failed (on launch)due to an O-ring not sealing well in cold temperatures on a solid rocket motor. The resultant torch grew quickly and breached the main fuselage ,igniting liquid fuel tank.
  20. Thank you for framing the AGW cult hysteria perfectly( though unwittingly). More on topic, noone is saying players cannot demonstrate, just that they should do it on their own time, and in a way that garners more support. That is the goal is it not? Ticket sales are down, as well as viewership. Colon Kapernumbskull really did not think things through.
  21. I see an ape face looking left, ,,,the grey rock positioned on the tape's left cheek looks like a ham hock. I'm hungry.
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