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  1. https://www.louisianasportsman.com/hunting/waterfowl-duck-hunting/how-to-clean-ducks-using-paraffin-wax/
  2. ...pin feathers..." ....... Maybe the local beauty salon wants to take on a side gig waxing ducks. I think there's a utube vid fir that.
  3. https://www.mcmaster.com/silicone-rubber-rod-stock/food-industry-high-temperature-silicone-rubber-rods/ link is for foodgrade silicone rod stock in a variety of diameters. 3 feet of 3/8" or 1/2" is about $10-$12 . It's not "crimped" so that hurdle will have to be vaulted. Cut up gum rubber shoe soles from some old Wallabee's would be cheaper, but not food grade
  4. Ought to be able to clone that drill attachment for < $99. The ?silicone? "fingers" have me scratching my head for a secure mounting design, source for the fingers (or raw material)and/or a possible substitute.
  5. There's always the Yardbird Chicken Plucker(after scalding the bird real good to clean and soften up things). It looks lik a small washing machine ,built for spin cycle only, and full of rubber fingers that do the plucking. Looks like it's takes all of 5 seconds to do the job( for a chicken). Could be there are designs for duck with their many more feathers. Cabela's has a vid "How to pluck a duck" involving wax to get the feathers and down. "Can't make the "Tee" time, today, gotta wax my duck."
  6. At the most, spatchcock it for the smoker. The feathers provide fiber
  7. Ahem. The secret to stuffing isn't the brand, but the sauteed celery Onion, garlic and generous loading of minced sausage added to whatever breadcrumbs and seasonings you prefer. After incorporating all ingredients, and baking, stuff the steaming goodness into your bird(andbake).
  8. You mean the guy making the crow. The cook can read lips, no matter what the server writes down.
  9. What's a diner to do when you order the taco and the server gives you crow?
  10. I was thinking of almost adult size puppies. I'd be more partial to panther, as far as being good eating. Seems like it's mentioned , as such. in more than one western novel and some nonfictional accounts I have read. Anyone have some beaver tail?
  11. May be the younger one's are good eating where game is plentiful. Trivia: Veal is to cow as ? is to wolf...
  12. May br data was lost when(if) some sort of data storage upgrade or transfer was done. Have you asked them why data is missing? How deep down the rabbit hole do you want to go? I have a red pill and a blue pill...
  13. It goes much deeper than that, over seas, behind great walls and state monarchies.
  14. Aloha Snackbar, Bob We have processing capabilities, just not on the scale of the main player. I didn't realize that they are extracting Li directly from the hydrothermal brine at the Salton Sea. No evap ponds required, just some sort of proprietary ion exchange tech. I wonder if Tesla's new million mile battery can be quick charged like Toyota's new, solid-state Li battery can be- reputedly in 10 minutes.
  15. The homestead?It is just off that hillside trail as it trails down to the wash, at left. There's a boxy outline. . I wonder how much gold is in that red ore if that is what it is...assuming they were gophering around there.
  16. I see gossan? cross the wash in the upper part of the photo, with three lines above that. Is that the handstacking you're referring to?
  17. I know this feller with a map that has an X on it . He might part with it , iffn ye can comeup with a grubstake fer im.
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