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  1. I means zip to me, except in a vicarious way. My only thoughts were that folks need to get outdoors where the chance of transmission is nil. Vit D is a big booster for the immune system. Get some sun, folks. Don't worry about me,Bob. I wouldn't want your brain cell to have a stroke. Never been to one of the outings, as I am not a serious beeper. By the way, I got your little guy right here
  2. Sounds like the VA . DAV.ORG should go to bat for you. Their site has email contact info. Squeaky wheel gets the grease, as they say.
  3. Looks like a form of granite, weathered. and in need of a large door to "stop" or garden bed to border.
  4. Tom , LSD is not my backyard like al' y'all's. The idea is to have NO leader...just a group consensus of who wants to go, where and when. I would assume perceived liability comes in to play withBill's decision, as well as Minelab, or other sponsors not wanting to deal with "complications", shallwe say. Not to mention there's probably a contingent of that have decided to hunker down already. But then, Tom, I believe you were being a bit facetious in response to my blunt delivery. Touche
  5. What's this "we" stuff? ... the folks that normally go ought to correspond and make it an " unofficial" shindig. Do you really need MINELAB there to have a good time? Of course, someone needs to inform Bill of the unofficial beep-o-rama.
  6. You have tinitus, too? I mostly "tune it out "unless it is really quiet. Then. I notice it.
  7. They are early,,, has not been 17 yrs. Heard them singin around 2006 I think while we were motel camping in Prescott . annoying buggers
  8. I had to look up septarian... fossilized mud bubble that may contain a crystal pocket- a geode.... were it in my collection, I would saw it in half to see what was inside.
  9. I think it is coral or sponge fossil. A sedimentary rock would not be porous like that. Pumice would not scratch glass or have those straight lines. Only a harder mineral or rock could do that.
  10. A shark face. And don't forget lasers
  11. It does not count as true spider porn unless you show their spinerets. Try again.
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