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  1. Could be a palm tree got encased in basalt or rhyolite, sealed up tight. Then , overtime, a pocket formed for the "opal agatization" to take place?
  2. Nah, are you serious? Have you been dipping in to your Thunder struck larder, again?
  3. Basalt, I know can be very hot rock, so I have been told.
  4. Welllllllll , watahay, a simple search for Vaccine injury mRna will keep a brain occupied.
  5. There are many. But I can't find any that also include gold . Otherwise, I would post it.
  6. Hedge fund and bank Shenanigans. Pure and simple. A GrandSlam at Denny's used to be 4.99. ...that was awhile ago, er. Now its $10. Calizuelian Gas was 2.70. Now$3.50. Keepyer gold hid. Stash eet een witcher oder bootee.
  7. You seaweed flimflammer I am glad that no one here has had an adverse reaction to the shot.
  8. Can't be. I just got a fresh 50 pound sack of Ascophyllum nodosum.
  9. You are simplifying things greatly, your great Verbosity. What's the difference between a plum and an elephant?
  10. ⁰Below are some of the best fasting quotes from both modern medical and health professionals as well as famous historical figures. History shows us that fasting was considered a natural therapy for so many of the ails of the past. Modern professionals are telling us the same is still true; that fasting will alleviate a host of ailments that plague us in our modern world. The fasting quotes are divided into four categories: Historical, Modern M.D.s, Other Health Professionals, and Religious Writers and Figures. Historical
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