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  1. Does it leave a streak on the back of a toilet tank lid? Bone is soft and should leave residue. If it is fossilized into silica, it should not...just guessing here. May be there is a local college/univ archeology dept that could id it... or an archeology forum on the WWW.
  2. Have you a vibratory "tumbler"? I think power consumption is also nominal like the rotary, but you may keep your BC's more angular (if so desired), so I have read.
  3. .88a x 120vac=/~ .106 Kwatts x 24hr/day x 30 day/month x $0.12/Kwhr =$9.15 month. That pretty cost effective considering the poundage in there.
  4. Oops, "pet woods rocks " has been cornered, already. Baubliceous Cretaceoid has not, nor does Gugghle know ^ BC at all. This could be the start for the addition of two new words to Merriam-Webster. Any idea of the running power draw for your big tumbler?
  5. There are plenty of Pet Rocks on Fleabay, but no baubliceous Cretaceoids! You can get the jump on the rest of the market. For that matter there are no Pet Wood rocks...
  6. You are. I fixed it, though. CretacEous(no "I") should be capitalized,as well. ...baubliceous Cretaceoid works for me.
  7. Don't feel bad. I bought 4 De Grazia "paintings" at an estate sale(last day 50% off) for 80$ The frames were very ornate and there were many brushstrokes visible, so I thought what the hell... Got them home and realized the canvas was paper and the brushstrokes just shellac over a print https://images.app.goo.gl/9uQcAwV78e4DzCRx8
  8. Hardness, streak, does it melt?,,,,Injection molded plastic?
  9. The 1619 "project" is a fraud.

  10. All I can think of, Bob, is you make a great case for NOT standing in one spot, in the dark for too long, lest one of these critters decides to crawl up a pant leg. 25 yrs ago,we "fogged" our (new to us) house...several hours latter, we found a dead scorpion behind some drapes. I can deal with " nature" OUTSIDE (not inside).
  11. I think it would tend more towards a blood red hue, wouldn't it? Looks like rhyolite lava at quick glance. Maybe a local jeweler or rock shop can XRF test it for an elemental breakdown.
  12. As usual, another post that could not be more off the mark. It's boulders in a 55 gallon drum, fer cryin out loud
  13. Time will tell if the 90 day Corps of Engineers deadline for revised plans will pan out. Hope it is workable. Mining, in its various forms is the source of all wealth.
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