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  1. Er, I meant 1000 $ Au Certificate President Grover Cleveland https://www.silverrecyclers.com/blog/1000-dollar-bill.aspx
  2. Supposedly worth 7mil$ in the Roaring 20's... 150mil$ now , in a large steel box filled with $1000 bills(when did "silver certificates" stop?), gold , and bonds. https://nypost.com/article/searching-for-gangster-dutch-schultzs-gold/
  3. The ever elusive chuppacabra of San Domingo
  4. May be this will help. I was just a huntin fer smartphone gps good https://mashtips.com/best-external-gps-receivers/
  5. May be ,if it was fiberous, and being excavated. But mere possession?
  6. Call it a cavity. Yup, the omar , if it is, came from some particular rocks in Hudson Bay. But that descrip has it as being greywacke. https://northernwilds.com/the-omars-and-yooperlites-of-northern-wilds/
  7. I had to look that up. . Seems to fit the description.
  8. The big circles- are they fossil sand dollars? Any close up pics of it?
  9. The color is jade"ish". Can you get more? Any local jewelers, oriental antique shops nearby? There are other green minerals, to be sure.
  10. cracking up reading this and thinking this thread is going off the rails fast. Good luck, Doc. Or the word "queef"-which results when women don't do their "kegel" exercises.
  11. Are you mining or just cleaning the riffles of that culvert ...wink, wink?
  12. Mr Slim abdicated. Mr Seeker. You are it Just need you addy to send some seeds after they cure a bit. About 2-3 weeks, I reckon. Saving seeds from hybrid veggies usually results in heterogenous offspring, so select wisely and thin multiple plants next summer- selecting(and culling) plants for vigor and size. After a few growing seasons,traits should stabilize in the offspring as long as you are consistent in your selection and culling criteria. Figure on 3,closer to 4 month of growth to mature. Direct sow. No containers.
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