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  1. Would you say it looks a little like slag-sort of glassy and frothy.?
  2. It looks like it needs another round in the crucible with more flux.
  3. Indigo, does your "raw platinum ore" look like this?
  4. Might have some interested hollows if the quartz was etched away.
  5. A very rough ingot, in other words. Not a nugget.
  6. Lets see your manicure , Tom. Below is a reverse watermelon, I rustled from the Oceanview Mine in Pala, CA.
  7. The Wiccans are testing the forum for vulnerabilies.They want the gold.
  8. Smart. New one's don't hold up, more complex, more stuff to break.
  9. The coins are electroplated? Or do you have a mint in your workshop icp test? Rhodium Rh?Nugget weight volume,mass secific gravity data available?
  10. Perhaps something else in the paint is acid. I was not aware that mica is corrosive. Isn't mica silicious? Maybe you meant pyrite?
  11. I think we need a little more investigation as to just how valid these recipes are... just need a picture of your bellies with a quarter for scale.
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