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  1. Sonja, It does look like paint... my was an attempt at๐Ÿ˜† It should be quite thin and easily scratch off.
  2. Reinforcing with fiberglass drywall tape works wonders , and adding microspheres is great at thickening runny epoxies that need a long set time.
  3. There are epoxies that adhere to plastic quite well- just look for it on the label. Always, but always, I cross hatch the area to be glued with a razor knife, then coarse sandpaper, and then acetone or non lubricant ether(starting fluid). I have even used brake cleaner in a pinch.
  4. I just did a search for south Carolina gold mines.... lots to read on the www
  5. No left noses are irritated in that process?
  6. .. a timelapse ofthe day you skin it would be entertaining
  7. I think you could have avoided all this fabrukatin an wrenching if you had just bought a car to plane conversion kit from KaleCo Auto.
  8. No need for that with a reverse pitch prop
  9. Well, shucks, tweren't nothing, just logical, I reckon. . you're just too munificent in your mineralogic musings.Thanks for making mineralogy great again
  10. I assume your hinge hardware is grade8 or better?
  11. ,Now, if you had said ,"scratch it on your lid and show the streaks on your toilet", maybe...
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