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  1. Yes I found it in Forest falls near big bear where i am but I have been homeless off on 10 years I look and explore everyday but I am fighting too hard and getting no where ....they say alot of gold came out of holcomb valley near here but I REALLY RESEARCHED it after ilooked everywhere not finding jack diddly .....There are stories mainly and a lot of people claimed mines out here but mainly just an insane amount ofpeople murdered everyday here (back then i mean and most mines bought were funded from deep pockets somewhere else but llooked and you know therer is only one pic of a old mine th
  2. OK I know a few to many pics could be leaver right lol BUT THE PICK BELOW IS OF ONE THAT AINT LEAVER RIGHT its passed ever acid test and is 12inches by 14 inches by 8 inch thick detector goes crazy every where on with my pointer no magnet does not stick anywhere on it where just in silver content worse case would be like 5k in silver alone at the risk of me getting 1/2 of spot it weighs 68lbs pioc bei agree with you on the others not the bip below no way its a leaver right I am getting it assay by fire ill know soon ty you though your right on all the rest for sure not sure what i was sm
  3. That video is gold !!! I loved it thanks
  4. Thank You for responding I like your advice I ordered a acid test kit online and gonna break up some and check it to see If I want to worry about bothering with it anymore
  5. Thank you I appreciate your input about your comment no free gold. MMMM ? Maybe these pics dont look the same on different devices or im confused on what free gold looks like in this ore /rock specimen anyways here is 2 more closer up pics 1st pic and the 6th pc and just a few spots I put arrows or circled where I see free gold but, I thought /think there is gold (alot all over ) but heck I could be wrong I have been very confused about this ore ore rocks whatever , some of these looked white or even blue when I dug them out and im pretty sure they are radioactive alot at times because my
  6. Gold I think comes from tellurides , they I believe come deep from the in th earth as a by-product of magma pressure and friction of certain elements/minerals that are forced up when plates shift, earthquakes volcanoes etc (in the end though that was a guess and I don't have any answer...lol:)
  7. good advice I guess Ill go with what's visible gold etc, sample and acid test ,maybe test pan for yield, and then take it further for assay if it seems worth it. That is the kind of ore/rocks around my house and I was trying to compare a million look alike photos on google but I will go with the normal proven method thank you !!
  8. Yes , looks like you just need to get through the overburden and you'll be golden. (hopefully lol) you'll get it sounds like you've got a good plan !:)
  9. Nice Video that boulder you moved looked interesting, kind of a weird shape it was ? Good job on video and good luck , get that gold bro !!!:)
  10. I am going crazy trying to confirm I believe these specimens are gold Calaverite or Krennerite from everything I can see but I need assistance, any one who really knows Telluride ores ore rare gold isotopes Calaverite Please please look closely at these pics Thank you !! Thank you
  11. Glad to be a part of this forum thank you !
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