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  1. And I heated it with a butane torch for the people that are going to ask 🙄
  2. Just put flame to it is not roofing tar didn’t even doing anything to rock or soften up. I am glad to do any other test if anyone guides me to what to do test wise and answer questions I am just as curious as you guys what this is!!!
  3. This rock is very hard and has little balls of iron not right at the crust but just a little bit below it. Plus on the inside where it’s “black” has small little white dots in it. It’s so hard that a hardened razor blade knife won’t even put a dent on it
  4. This also has iron pieces at the top where the crust is. Can anyone explain the flow lines. What about tektite?
  5. What characteristics would you like me to specify? I can take more pictures if needed
  6. From research I think it is a lunar meteorite or Marshan black glass. Like I said it wasn’t there 3 days prior I know it doesn’t look like a normal meteorite but i think it can off a monster metor. It’s the heaviest rock I have every picked up up plus it has nodules in it
  7. It is very hard to the point where streak test doesn’t work on ceramic. How can you explain the green crystals the iron balls in the crust that is magnetic in it that if it’s roofing tar?! And obviously entering the earths atmosphere would cause the heating up and Solidifing
  8. Hello all, my name is Nathan found this out of the world rock laying on top of the ground couple weeks ago. I mowed grass 3 days before and it wasn’t there this thing has whole lot of characteristics. I don’t know which way to go with getting the rock identified I have emailed to geology professors at Purdue University twice and nothing back. I will post pics let me know what you guys think! I don’t know how to upload images on this forum ether.
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