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  1. From what I've read, these meteorites are extremely rare and very hard to pin point, I think only about 100 of these have been found. They look the same as many of the basaltic rocks here on earth so you can't really compare photos to help ID one so how would you verify what it is or isn't? Most of these have no metal at all so magnet test is of no use. Anyone ever had to ID one of these?
  2. Basalt is known for forming vesicles which sometimes get filled with materials. I think the term for this is "amygdules".
  3. Found in the desert and the property is about 30 acres.
  4. It could be chalcedony but trying to determine exactly what this is won't be an easy task. A lot of the stones from the area it was found have been altered/modified from their original state. I've had an edx analysis done to see what elements were present, the first one is of that light colored area you see in that last photo and the other scan is of the blue area.
  5. Very nice blue quartz Fuss, thanks for sharing. Here are a few photos of the blue quartz I'm trying to figure out. I took it to a mineral show to ask around to see if maybe I could find someone that might know what it was and all I got was people trying very hard to buy it. I was told by a couple of retired geologist that this stone is something very unusual and that it might take some very expensive analysis to figure it out and whatever I do, don't sell it. The stone is magnetic, has metallic inclusions and has a mohs hardness of 7.5. The blue color in this quartz is not being caused by "tyndall scattering" or inclusions. It's one heck of a mystery to scientist.
  6. Yikes!!!!!!!!! Stop drinking the heads off of your moonshine>>>:)
  7. I've come across a lot of articles that say true blue quartz is extremely rare. I'm told that the blue color is caused by inclusions that cause the stone to look blue or it has been zapped with radiation by humans to increase it's value. I read that there is no blue quartz that is blue due to the elements that make up it's composition. I can't find any photos of what true blue quartz would look like. Anyone know of any photos on the web that might be a good examples of true blue quartz?
  8. Came across an area where a lot of the rocks would set off a metal detector. Some have glass coating parts of the outer surface and there's a lot of glass found inside some of the rocks from that area. Could this be impact melt glass?
  9. That's what I think it is too, it was found in an area where many of the stones and gemstones had a high amount of metal in them. Several stones have had scans such as edx, and xrf done on them and to date over 24 different metal element have been detected. Most, the metal can be seen with the naked eye (see photos below). It appears that these stones and gemstones were altered, modified, morphed or created during a major impact event in the distant past. I believe all of this material would be classified as impactites.
  10. Research suggest that this stone is a impactite. There are others but they all look somewhat different than this one and appear to be different than the photos of what you fine on the web for impactites. Thought I'd join a forum and maybe get the opinion of others on a couple of these. In the last two photos, is that what's referred to as shocked glass?
  11. Just thought I'd stop by and say hello, I just joined so I'm looking forward to sharing a few thing and hopefully learning a few things.
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