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  1. I'll be serious with my comment because I'm going to give you credit for knowing if it was spray paint or not. I'm sorry i can't help you id the rock as I haven't the expertise and knowledge of those whom so far have kindly responded so kindly :~{{
  2. Not sure if its granite but i love the red and green ones. Nice texture and turn out smooth. Does it have the sparkly veins in it?
  3. Curious if anyone has a clue where the blue comes from in this rock? Is it a mineral by itself? I'm not finding any info from MGS, no response from the Geological Society of MN Found in north central Minnesota. I appreciate any ideas and people's time on this. Thanks
  4. If so, it would be nice if i could find some. But in all my years i have nothing like that and there's a bit of sedimentary where i live too.
  5. So where is that moderator person now to referee this one? When Bedrock Bob and stillweaver had a friendly banter on my post he swooped down faster than an owl to a rabbit to blow the timeout whistle!
  6. That is so cool. I think I'd be out in the field most of the time. Have a hard time tearing myself away when on the search for rocks!
  7. Below I added pictures I used for reference. (Info for the last 2 pics): Here is another brachiopod from various sidea. This is from the Cretaceous Period, about 130 million years old. It is from the Isle of Wight, Lower Greensand. It is a Sellithyris. Size: 32mm
  8. We have very similar Marine fossils here in MN south of the divide, but more often in sandstone or limestone. When you say hole, do you mean the round circle? The "sticking up" circle my friend may be a ischadite (sponge) fossil. Quartz will preserve the bivalve shells well & that's a lucky find since they're delicate. You may have brachiopod fossils as well, the two can look similar at first, to me anyway. I'm no expert, just an avid collector. They're very nice! You must have some fertile fields!
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