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  1. Hello, I'm curious if this is a Brachiopod fossil? One that is in relatively good shape? Found near Wyoming/North Branch, Minnesota to the best of my recollection. I see a lot of brachiopods in my rocks but they've all been rather mashed up by the lively geological history. I've looked up some online photos and thought it resembled Strophomenida or Orthida but no reference to them on the Minnesota Fossils at a Glance from tht UOM. I don't know if region matters either since it sounds like they were quite prolific. Thank you!!
  2. Sonja


  3. Would you be able to post pictures of it post - polish? I have some look just like it, same description. Do they have a sparkly sheen to them in good lighting? I'm curious to know what they turn out like. Thanks!
  4. Do they seem to be man-made carvings/markings? Or more like a fossil? Very neat in any case. Someday I hope to be more helpful!!
  5. Just to say that's an incredible find! It's lovely. Happiness!!
  6. Happy birthday to you!

  7. Happy Birthday!!

  8. Hi. I have a few of what my friend said are red jasper. Look just like the red/gray one you have above. Found in Taylor's Falls Minnesota. Was that also found in Michigan? Just curious. Thank you!
  9. I agree about quartz. I mean at the rate of human population expansion quartz could be a rare mineral in no time (geologically speaking)!!
  10. You are a good soul to take the high road. I thought that little rangle was hilarious... And I'm quite flattered that you two felt free to duel over my silly post about a shoulda woulda coulda bedraggled rock. Sigh... Have a lovely day Sonja
  11. Funny haha cuz i know it's a real pretty agate, not a yard or border rock!! Kind of fractious but it is in quite the rough shape. I guess I would too after millions of years.. TBH I did find it in the yard. Thanks, I'll include an item for scale if I post pics in the future.
  12. Bedrock Bob: Thank you so much! You are very kind and an immense help. I figured I wasn't going to accomplish this without the proper tools ;` ). Live and learn. I've read a number of your posts, your advice is always so thorough and informative. Your knowledge base is impressive to say the least.(Just in case no one's told you lately) I truly appreciate your time and I'm grateful for the suggestion!
  13. Hi, I'm new to this. Ok thought this guy had no hope when I found it, barely recognized it. I've been trying to clean it up by hand using soft to medium bristle brushes and have made some progress. I know it's pretty high as far as hardness goes, but it just looks so damaged. Is there hope for it? Am I going about this incorrectly? I appreciate any advice. Thanks.
  14. Hi. Looks similar to several of the brachiopod fossils I have. Found mine in Minnesota. Hope this helps. Good luck.
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