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  1. Found here in Newfoundland Canada. I am a newbie at learning this stuff but I have been collecting rocks all my life. Is this pink quartz with mica?
  2. HAHA Love it!! Gobsmacked. No retort from this end.
  3. I thought "men" were from Mars! Doubt this would have been there. :P
  4. Too funny. Maybe longliners and speedboats could create this sludge? I really don't know. I lived on the mainland for many years then in St. John's. I have only been livin' around da' bay for a year now. I htink I need to stop collecting it now as it takes up too much room.
  5. Hi Bob! Some 'ol stuff is right! I was calling it slag until I looked into it. Would it be the same stuff thrown off steam ships when cleaning the boilers?
  6. Not sure what happened, sorry for duplicates.. I tried deleting them.
  7. HI everyone. I hail form Newfoundland Canada where I do a lot of beach combing and picking up all sorts. I love rocks. I posted about something I found without introducing myself. I have another post with questions so here goes. I find a lot of this "coal clinker" on the beaches. I assume it is what it is. Does anyone have other ideas?
  8. Bob, You're a card! Yes "Newfies" can be a hoot for sure. Many of us go off to work in oil patches. Fort Mac especially. Love that last sentence. Now I have to google it. I didn't think it was concretion from the photos my friend showed me. But I am a total amateur. I have a fascination with geology and archeology but never went that road. My son did. I have shelves of rocks I have collected. It's a sickness really. Haha. I watch videos of different rocks and my latest fave is the puddingstone of the East coast US with the gorgeous reds. This stone does have that skin smooth feel o
  9. Thank You! Newfoundlander is just fine and Newfie is fine by me if a term of endearment. I have heard it used the way the N word is used and people here get pissed about that. We love our food too.
  10. HI Bob, I had a few responses on FB and a geologist I know said this: Are you sure the shiny silver you see when scratching it is not the metal of the knife rubbing off on it? There is a type of feature called a concretion which forms in shale. They usually look like a miniature flying saucer and can be up to a meter in diameter. When you crack them open you may see fools gold (pyrite). When the shale eroded the concretions are released. Me: I saw some pics and I have to disagree. And I refuse to break it open to see. Ha! SOmeone else said this: Stones like this can sometimes form w
  11. Thanks. That is quite interesting as it was found where the Beothuck once lived before the Brits killed them all off.
  12. I found this on a beach here in Newfoundland Canada. A magnet doesn't stick to it. I first thought it was part of a wrought iron knob or fence post maybe and that the light grey was soldering.
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