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  1. I doubt it. These pieces are very small. I have watched videos though. So interesting how it is done.
  2. I was beach combing on a different part of our coast and found a bunch of this stuff. Some of the insides look like caramels. I love the waxy shiny look. The outside of the small stones has a specific feel and look. I imagine if I broke open some of the rounded pieces there would be interesting waxy coloured stone inside?? I can't get enough of these. I googled chert and wow there are some extraordinary colours out there. What are they called when they are still in an oval stone form? This would be what out indigenous (Beothucks-now extinct) people used for tools?
  3. Sonja there are no sparkly veins. I like that red too. I am sure the green is the same as whatever is in the ones with quartz. It would be interesting to know what that red is. Some of the green ones I find are very pitted.
  4. Very serious! I would never have thought "paint". Maybe there are rocks that colour pink but I know very little about rocks. Seriously.
  5. I never would have thought of that either! I would have been amazed at the beautiful pink nature could produce LOL
  6. Another green rock with red in it. I wonder is it granite?
  7. I find a lot of these green rocks on the beach here in Newfoundland. Not usually with quartz in it though. Can anyone tell me what they are.
  8. I know there is nothing special about this rock except that it tickles me. I found it on the beach like just about all the stones I find.
  9. Thanks! The outside part leaves a red streak and inside is a darker, more brown red streak.
  10. What D_day said then? botryoidal hematite? I googled that and it does look like it. Like someone carved away at it to expose the inside.
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