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  1. Found here in Newfoundland Canada. I am a newbie at learning this stuff but I have been collecting rocks all my life. Is this pink quartz with mica?
  2. HAHA Love it!! Gobsmacked. No retort from this end.
  3. I thought "men" were from Mars! Doubt this would have been there. :P
  4. Too funny. Maybe longliners and speedboats could create this sludge? I really don't know. I lived on the mainland for many years then in St. John's. I have only been livin' around da' bay for a year now. I htink I need to stop collecting it now as it takes up too much room.
  5. Hi Bob! Some 'ol stuff is right! I was calling it slag until I looked into it. Would it be the same stuff thrown off steam ships when cleaning the boilers?
  6. Not sure what happened, sorry for duplicates.. I tried deleting them.
  7. HI everyone. I hail form Newfoundland Canada where I do a lot of beach combing and picking up all sorts. I love rocks. I posted about something I found without introducing myself. I have another post with questions so here goes. I find a lot of this "coal clinker" on the beaches. I assume it is what it is. Does anyone have other ideas?
  8. Bob, You're a card! Yes "Newfies" can be a hoot for sure. Many of us go off to work in oil patches. Fort Mac especially. Love that last sentence. Now I have to google it. I didn't think it was concretion from the photos my friend showed me. But I am a total amateur. I have a fascination with geology and archeology but never went that road. My son did. I have shelves of rocks I have collected. It's a sickness really. Haha. I watch videos of different rocks and my latest fave is the puddingstone of the East coast US with the gorgeous reds. This stone does have that skin smooth feel on the shiny side. So I looked up volcanic nodule and discovered septarian fossil nodule. Thanks a lot. Now I'll be half the day looking at these things!! :P haha I have another find that looks like it may have been a tool but there are no marks made from shaping it the way arrow heads often look. Probably a fluke. Maybe I'll post that too.
  9. Thank You! Newfoundlander is just fine and Newfie is fine by me if a term of endearment. I have heard it used the way the N word is used and people here get pissed about that. We love our food too.
  10. HI Bob, I had a few responses on FB and a geologist I know said this: Are you sure the shiny silver you see when scratching it is not the metal of the knife rubbing off on it? There is a type of feature called a concretion which forms in shale. They usually look like a miniature flying saucer and can be up to a meter in diameter. When you crack them open you may see fools gold (pyrite). When the shale eroded the concretions are released. Me: I saw some pics and I have to disagree. And I refuse to break it open to see. Ha! SOmeone else said this: Stones like this can sometimes form when they fall into a hollow in the bedrock with water flowing over it. The stone is tumbled by the flowing water and eventually becomes rounded, sometimes to a perfect sphere. Me: Again I disagree. It really does feel like something that was used. Hence me thinking it may have been an old knob. It is kind of concave where that grey flat area is and worn smooth. I prefer the artifact idea LOL. Not sure what crazy word someone would use here except, "das an old rock ba". And never use the term Newfie here or you may get your head chewed off. I'm fine with it. Yes the accents here and terms are quite something. We have our own Newfoundland dictionary. Cheers
  11. Thanks. That is quite interesting as it was found where the Beothuck once lived before the Brits killed them all off.
  12. I found this on a beach here in Newfoundland Canada. A magnet doesn't stick to it. I first thought it was part of a wrought iron knob or fence post maybe and that the light grey was soldering.
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