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  1. I know there is nothing special about this rock except that it tickles me. I found it on the beach like just about all the stones I find.
  2. Thanks! The outside part leaves a red streak and inside is a darker, more brown red streak.
  3. What D_day said then? botryoidal hematite? I googled that and it does look like it. Like someone carved away at it to expose the inside.
  4. I don't have a streak plate. Is there another way to do this test?
  5. I hope I'm not posting too much. This piece was given to my mom years ago so I have no idea where it came from. It is heavy for it's size. Feels like hematite but it has this strange embedded stone in it.
  6. Thanks, I daresay vinegar is the way I will go. I have to drive an hour to get the muriatic acid so maybe down the road I will try it. For sure I will post pics. Thanks again.
  7. Thanks!! What is a good method of cleaning stone so that the bryozoans are more clear? (I googled what you said and found that word under a similar photo.. LOL.)
  8. Can anyone tell me what this rock is? Found on the beach here in Newfoundland.
  9. Thanks, Sandstone came to my mind even though I don't know anything. I love the raised bumps.
  10. It looks like sea glass. There is sea glass that glows when backlit form the manganese and or uranium. I don't know much about it because we don't find it here on our shores or rivers.
  11. Good day, I have been picking these up when I beach comb. I seem to find most of them on the beach near the river mouth to the ocean.
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