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  1. Sorry, sorry..... I meant guys. I am so ashamed...
  2. Hello guys, I come from Slovenia. That is in Europe, near Italy and Croatia. I have a rock that is very pretty and very heavy. It weights around 5,2 kg and it is 18 centimeters long. It is a little magnetic. I tried that with hanging little magnet from rope and approached the rock. The rock bounced from magnet on one side, on different side the magnet was pulled to the rock. But this had very little impact to the magnet and stone. Then I have pulled the rock on back side of the ceramic tile, it leave black trace. I have made some pictures, that I hope, it will help you to determine from which kind of material is it. I measured the rocks density. I putt the rock in container full of water and then weighted water that was pushed from container by the rock. The density was 8,200 kg/m3. I hope that is right. I look in ARNES scale and it shows materials like cooper, iron... If you want some better pictures or you would like me to do some other test, just write me the procedure. I will try to do it. Thank you for answering. I wish you all good hunting and collecting. Regards, Erik.
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