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  1. In the second picture, the white looks like calcite to me.
  2. Nice collection for the week. The two large pieces in the center of the table are really interesting!
  3. Fuss, Did you find these near the lake? I found some chert on my trip to Middleton and was curious if these are found more near the lake (with the banding) or everywhere?
  4. I couldn't have said it as eloquently as Bedrock Bob, but I feel exactly the same way. Although I don't have a problem for the most part with people selling rocks and minerals, finding them, the story behind finding them and researching them, makes their worth multitudes more to me than just buying one. From the second I pick it up, that rock becomes part of me and who I am.
  5. Thank you for sharing that picture! I don't feel that you should apologize for the cuts of the rock. I am of the belief that rocks have a very particular shape and feel that they want to be and that only by working with it do we find out what that shape and feel is. It's one of the many nice suprises that it holds in store for us! It's beautiful!
  6. I would love to see what it looks like after you cut it and are done with it. I've never seen the inside of labadorite before.
  7. I ordered a short/long wave uv. After reading the article and watching a couple of youtube videos about Erik, it looks like I need to get some uv blocking safety glasses also. I'm hoping that my niece and two nephews catch the rock hounding fever and even if I don't find any Yooperlite, maybe they will in future adventures!
  8. Happy Birthday! Thank you for all the knowledge you have shared in the short time I've been a part of the forum!

  9. Happy Birthday!

  10. Wow, wow and most notably wow!
  11. fuss, Thank you for the info. I would love to drive up to the lake but am only going to be there for the weekend. I am definitely looking forward to finding some Yooperlite/sodalite! I'll post what I come back with. Morlock, Thank-you for the additional info on sodalite!
  12. I agree that it has basal cleavage like biotite. I still have a lot to learn about rock and gem structure. Is the cleavage of tourmaline on a vertical plane also considered basal cleavage since it breaks off in "strips or sheets"? When I read the definition of biotite, it mentioned it as being more of a brownish colored mineral but this picture looks black to me.
  13. d_day , the last one is my favorite, beautiful!
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