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  1. That's what we were reading, thanks for confirming. I visited the mound for years as a kid on field trips and they never once mentioned it was built in a crater. My sister has been on digs near by and had no idea. They don't teach it, when the wife told me I was shocked
  2. I'm going to hang around for sure. I really wish I live in an area where amateur meteorite hunting was more feasible since Ive been listening to my wife read me everything Google has to offer for months She wants to visit Serpentine Mound crater, not far from us, this weekend. That granite created a monster!
  3. hahaha. Hey i was right for the first time in my marriage! It will be polished and placed on the mantel to commemorate this epic event. Thank you for the guidance!
  4. Hi all! When I bought my house the old guy who owned it said he's leaving his "space rock" for me because this is where it landed. It's been shuffled around from closets to tool shed, never thought anything of it. Recently my wife has been obsessed with it. I put a magnet on it, nothing. She took it to a local "enthusiast" who convinced her its a meteorite and the fact that it's non magnetic means it's very rare. This guy seems to see everything as meteorite from the sounds of it, mentioned remnants of a weathered black crust and thumb printing or something like that. All edges are rounded and it weighs about 2 pounds or so. To my uninitiated eye it just looks like granite or decorative yard rock or something. Any help?
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