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  1. The interior has become sand that I have kept and will always keep. I've not wasted this but controlled it and am amazed by this stone. The exterior is quite fused and all fragments survive and held by many people here in Winnipeg.
  2. Higher quality photos of the stone. Yeah IDK nobody takes this idea seriously and how can I argue proof if vital I mean key details are simply brushed aside. I'm done with this and pursuing future expeditions that are more prepared. I'm glad that cooler minds prevail I feel blessed in this work I've done truly and I 80% stand behind my assertions here and elsewhere. I've made a few errors but these things are ultimately ironed out in the bigger picture. -odin
  3. Yeah many times, heres another interesting clue. This stones crust if rubbed on porcelain is a very earthy brown, but the interior is clear streak color and the dust from streaking is grey.
  4. To be fair I can see this stone is white. But not the same kind of white, this sandstone has patches of translucent sandgrains that lost their color, they appear white but a very very clean and attractive white, this is very dissimilar fireball IMO fireball -Odin
  5. Lets see this iron in sandstone. how the heck does a guy find a nickel test anyway. Mars has nickel that would put this whole thread to bed right?
  6. I'm the guy that is convinced that the research ive read is pointing to me finding a Martian sandstone. That is all, also I love rocks man.
  7. My background is unrelated except, I grew up in the badlands of Drumheller Alberta, was exploring early on and became interested in meteorites at 15. I'm 26 now and Ive been on about four hunts all amazing all fruitless or wrongs but that's just how things are. This stone came from my most recent hunt to the Manitoba Meteorite hotspot. it's a real place and probably the only place in the world one could just stumble on this kinda thing several unrecovered recentish falls and two ancient glaciers colliding along the border Coupled with the finds which if you locate them on google earth are in an actual line exactly where they are supposed to be. this stone was well within thoose bounds and following the trend perfectly
  8. WillM: I appreciate your comment, I have spoken about the similarities in this stone and the ones found in Sweden that are now unfortunately a dead horse. That's pretty clever for you to have connected those stones to this research. As you can see the community in general scoffs at the idea of sedimentary meteorites. Facts are facts and I see these forum members posting all the time saying "No matter how much you wish for you're stone to be a meteorite, it is what it is." This statement is wildly ironic to me, Because now when the facts are presented opposing their opinion they turn in to asinine children. But far be it from me to prove these "experts" wrong especially when they are so clearly specialized in the study of extraterrestrial sediments. The comments about this being sci-fi are true, but the plot is presumption and conjecture superseding facts and scientific data. To speak to the stone in these images, I'm afraid it lacks the characteristics I would expect to see in a sandstone meteorite and all other sed-types should be relatively similar in appearance to their igneous mates but keep looking I could tell you where I found mine. Which is a drop spot for meteorites and has been home to numerous finds I am aware of locally that are not reported. -Odin
  9. Im blocking bedrock for his comments and will not be responding to his posts unless they are brought to my attention. Thank you to the people PMing me, you guys are great and may continue to do so!
  10. Bedrock bob, I seen your post and wanted to respond in kind, you can say it's a sandstone... Because it is a sandstone. It IS also a meteorite. I don't think you understand complex ideas and you look like the type of guy that likes to dress up in camo and pretend to be a survivalist. And while I can understand how someone like you can remain completely oblivious to the facts, because they demand research that someone like you won't have the capacity to understand. I hope you feel good saying all of these things to me, I've saved all of these pages and will continue to review the non-answers and complete lack of any supporting evidence proving me wrong, trying to find a nugget of information that is not "its a sandstone" or "you're a crazy person" So far what I can see from youre argument is I am wrong because you seen a rock that looked just like this one at your watering hole. Sorry but that's insane and I will not push aside all of my supporting research and say "well im wrong!" because you seen rock that look like rock. As far as you're very hurtful words and calling me basically a handicapped or mentally impaired individual, I will leave this to the admins but this is what the 3rd or 4th time you've made seriously personal attacks. But my response is this. "You don't fricking know me, You have no idea the crap I am willing to go through to follow this through and get a solid answer. I'm not just homeless, I'm living on the streets by choice. I made this choice myself. And yeah, I've got a sandstone that I know is a meteorite and I have it stored safely, And I out of my last bit of energy forced it into a lab surrendering my safety net. You can imagine me sleeping in a cardboard box behind a bowling alley, I'm sure that makes you feel real good about how wrong I must be. But that's not reality. The reality is I'm fine, Just fine. And if you aren't losing sleep over how screwed up your posting here is and how wrong you might be... I think you need that help more than I do, Bruh." - ODIN
  11. That is the cone IE the face of the orientation it likely had, this structure is a higher grade of metamorphose and is heavier than some other sides even though it is smaller. Lol but your post is dripping with sarcasm and I promise you that joining in with these experts you are going to be humiliated. I've saved all of this and I can hold a grudge for a very long time. -Odin
  12. Fred, it's a meme. You have nothing to say, Where are your arguments against what I just said. If you don't have solid answers to these questions then simply don't post here. The geologists here can't answer them but at least they are able to admit i'm not wrong about these observations. You have 0 knowledge about this topic and that's my point. I don't care what your opinion is. I want real, scientific answers that I can prove, and demonstrate so that I can continue to connect these dots that were not already connected. These traits are unified around this stone but I am standing on the shoulders of giants here. YOU have no clue what your talking about and you people are making up traits of this stone to fit your narrow perspective of meteorites which is not intuitive but only learned through repetition and observing meteorites others where able to prove. for all the shade the cliquey members here are throwing my way, search my posts. not one person is or has grappled the facts I keep having to repeat. What Ive said is the truth, if you can't accept this then just don't post, calling me a liar is disgraceful, I am not. And If I thought maybe you had the right answer I would agree and say so. So far none of you has, but you're all pretty fricking sure I'm wrong and with no solid arguments whatsoever against the realities surrounding this stone. I'm still not afraid of you. -Odin
  13. As usual no response to the facts, I don't need your fricking sympathy. I'm surviving, and I'll get by right or wrong but I know Im right, and I will go to whatever length I need to to prove it even paying $2000 I don't have for the lab testing. If i'm wrong you can all get a laugh at the guy who had the audacity to think he may have found a sandstone meteorite and reach out to meteorite hunters for help.
  14. Fred, do you know anything about the theoretical class of meteorites? I'm talking about sed-types. If you do please list the traits these meteorites should have and compare that with everything I've said. Just because this would blow your fricking mind if it was true does NOT make it impossible, and in fact the further I get into the research, the more I learn about them. The more this stone sings meteorite. Yeah it's a sandstone, and a sandstone I a sandstone. But let's talk about the obvious crust, which is not weather rind, Not even similar. Or The obvious imprinting. Or the complete ablation of the stone? The stone would have to have been sitting somewhere that allowed for a complete aerodynamic shape, it could not have been sitting on the trailing end because the flow of melt follows my identified orientation. Or lets talk about that beautiful white crust in the first image, that is obviously a strong contrast to the tan interior and is a ccrust less than 1mm thick and on top of that there is some kind of effect that encrusts it to about 1-2 cm... all of this is research backed and are facts about what the hypothetical sandstone meteorite would be. The inclusion of Majorite is a bonus and this is in cue right now to be proven. Your feelings don't matter, facts do. I have laid out the facts here for the last time, I have no idea how much time I have left in this world. Im on the streets now and I've placed my faith in God, and whatever happens, God is good. I prayed for a meteorite that was rarer than any other one, and I got it. I've dedicated myself to faithful research and He is my guide. My current situation is temporary ending with death or a miracle. either way, God is with me in this and I'm not afraid of you Fred. -Odin
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