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  1. THE WHOLE STORY. Headphones are required, _ _ And no Jimale, look at our pictures beside eachother and give your head a shake.
  2. Oh that you might be refreshed by being a member of truth. But you've consumed me with a lie, and you've mocked God, the architect of my work. But know the God of Israel, The father of Jesus, is the finger. How else could a man draw such a blessing you can hardly believe it. Gape and be amazed, the kingdom of God has come near to you today.
  3. The granite, dug out of the forks winnipeg crater in the 80's after the federal geologists realized this crater was a pretty existing structure that had been filled in. Nobody has studied the crater, Nobody has studied the stone, And the legend about the celebration circle is that the indigenous people witnessed an event of the heavens and earth and that was how they met; looking for it. There are many large craters on the moon. Events that pulverized the once molten satellite breaking the granite surface up. This is a significant stone, im lucky to have eyes that study rocks. And I dont need anything from any of you, but this is the truth and I've worked the past 2 years to prove what I can see is true. Laugh all you want, but these are facts, and ill gladly accept facts that prove im wrong, not even one has panned out to be true. So why am I still getting so much hate. God bless you regardless, he will pay me.
  4. Exactly, this sandstone has none of the key, rare features we are talking about. Its a rather rare process to discolor a thin layer of sandstone to be devoid of color. Because it only appears white because of transparency which ive demonstrated and you are all silent. Facts matter, And here throughout my study, you were ni help at all, the opposite. Says less about me and more about something far from me. My humble work led me to discover a legend. And its treasure is in my hand, what more could I want from that.
  5. The sand grains are faster to dislodge from the matrix impeding melt significantly. But discoloration does occur, first red and then at atmospheric entry peak temperature white.
  6. So :you're" opinion is greater than the whiteshell expert. Which he is, for geology as well unfortunately. And im not tryi g to prove it to you, i was working to prive it to people in general but now I grow plants with it so its basically useless to you anyways and another dead end in this long sedimentary arc. I dont expect that any rubes will understand. Are you all imca members
  7. no Graham Young. He is the initial contact and yes agrees this is not a normal sandstone. Which you all claim it is. But he is a PhD and you people jjust dont like me, so you think its been a big joke.
  8. uh proof that nothing I say, even though its fact is looked at seriously by clowns.
  9. So here you have it, Im fricking wrong because this guy doesn't understand why what i just stated is fact. Listen to me. The scientific research I've pulled from Are the effects of atmospheric entry on a sandstone. The stone experiment sandstone. And Dr John anfinogenova, his paper which is one of the earliest to propose a devastating planetary event that cause mass mayhem in our solar system. And lays out, sedimentary meteorites are certainly possible for this reason. These are not internet articles you just Google. They are published papers. The density of martian sandstone comes from Mars rover data. FYI I refrained myself from being rude, but your questions are clearly written to insult me AGAIN. Even though at this point. There is nothing left of this to give to this community. I simply found it strange at first how non answers and completely unrelated personal bs trumps the research I simply pointed you all to reference. I could see the ticker showing none of you reading it. Yet here we are, right back where this began, The things I said, are true. For example; A sandstone creates a mm thick crust similar to a fusion crust except it is not created by melt, instead the sand grains heat up and first turn red. And the white/translucent. Why? Because its sand and the mineral is basically cooked.
  10. If you all would have been more engaged with finding the truth, maybe I would have done that. It may be funny that I found this but speaking on the completely crusted specimen it was a perfect match and all agreed. Suddenly when sandstone became the interior it was impossible. But evidence of what happens to sandstone during atmospheric entry shows 1. Terrestrial sandstone can withstand entry 2 that it will discoler white and dislodge instead of melt really. 3. The red also matches the rollover lip, it was deeply burnt ant circled the tail feature. It was a dead ringer. Edit that Martian sandstone is heavier. And the leading expert in the manitoba whiteshell (which is a totally unique strewn field) says himself it was bizarre and not normal. And also notably VERY heavy. Everybody that has held it is surprised its VERY dense and metallic even when i smacked it with my hammer.
  11. also, my comments have all been edited by someone else. Clearly the admins and mods here think its a big joke. But im everywhere here
  12. Yeah well the scientific and observable features are consistent with research, which none of you have bothered to look at. My main points are, white/translucent mm crusting. Burns and a typical stoney if you look at flow lines and reg formations Kink banding is present and obvious shocking. Plus sand grains in lighter mineral veins are not fused! And the shape of it was perfect and I wish that I didn't have to do what i did. But it was how I proved it. So my mistake was destroying very critical features...
  13. The interior has become sand that I have kept and will always keep. I've not wasted this but controlled it and am amazed by this stone. The exterior is quite fused and all fragments survive and held by many people here in Winnipeg.
  14. Higher quality photos of the stone. Yeah IDK nobody takes this idea seriously and how can I argue proof if vital I mean key details are simply brushed aside. I'm done with this and pursuing future expeditions that are more prepared. I'm glad that cooler minds prevail I feel blessed in this work I've done truly and I 80% stand behind my assertions here and elsewhere. I've made a few errors but these things are ultimately ironed out in the bigger picture. -odin
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